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  • Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

    I’m a firm believer in DHerbs and their products. I’m 53 and they keep me feeling like I’m 25. I will always use all of their products. Because everything you consume in America is killing you slowly! *
  • Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

    I really like these products. It has helped with my breathing. I think I will have to continue in order to get the full benefit of them. Thank you for making them. PS I have also told some family members about your products (Dherbs.com). *
  • Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

    I love the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen. It helps clear my lungs and helps me breathe. *
  • Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

    I did not like the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen so much. I experienced breathing problems after taking this cleanse, but after taking it I noticed that I was able to expel more mucus out of my lungs in addition to that my breathing did become much better. So the rating is much more based on how I felt during the three weeks that I took it versus the benefits that I recieved afterwards from taking it. Thank you, Dherbs.com! You offer really awesome products and I will not shop anywhere else. *
  • Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

    I used the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen cleanse soon as I completed the FBD. My lungs were scarred due to chemical exposure at work. During the use of the lung cleanse I had to use the pump three times & nebulizer just once. I will try this cleanse again because the mucus was coming up every morning during the cleanse *
14 results

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