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Reviews: The Male Cleanse

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  • The Male Cleanse

    I took the Total Male Cleanse and all it really did for me was that I lost 12 lbs that I didn’t need to lose. While on the cleanse I could feel some sort of activity in my groin area but after the 3 weeks of the cleanse the only thing that had happened was that I lost 12lbs. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I enjoyed The Male Cleanse, my urine flow is great I am a believer in DHerbs! Everything I have tried thus far has helped tremendously. I will now do The Male Cleanse once a year. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    The Total Male Cleanse is well worth the money you put into it. I have taken this product before, and I love how it made me feel and relaxes my muscles and my mind. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I've been taking the FBD for about six years every six months. And every time I get better with the recommended diet. This time I lost 6 to 10 lbs...Thank you Dherbs.com. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    The Total Male Cleanse is a guys best friend. The number one tool for getting ur mojo back. I do it all the time.... *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I am on day 17 of the total male cleanse, and I did not think that I could finish this cleanse. The cleanse really makes a difference in my libido and energy. The magnets are really powerful, and I felt a difference on the 8th day....WOW!! Well worth the price and more!! *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I loved what this product says it will do and has done. The weight loss is great. Sexual health is now outstanding. Thank you. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    I took the TMC and lost more weight which is not what I really wanted after I did the FBD. With that being said, I would recommend the TMC as you will definitely notice a difference when you follow the program. *
  • The Male Cleanse

    While the Total Male Cleanse diet was similar to the FBD, the results were very different. Although I lost more weight, the TMC was a different experience. Writing this review is difficult because the total effects are hard explained; I guess because TMC targets specifically male organs. To sum things up, I have more energy and I feel great from a masculine standpoint. Overall, it was a great experience. *
32 results

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The Male Cleanse 4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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