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  • Vitamin C Tea

    It's a delight to enjoy a tea with natural vitamin C. *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    The Vitamin C Tea really works to stop a cold from developing. It is refreshing, and can be enjoyed by the entire family. My entire family loves it, and it will be a staple from now on. *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    The Vitamin C tea made my hair grow back so I give it 5 Stars. Dherbs is the truth. *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    I have had extreme enjoyment with the Vitamin C Tea. I have given and offered it to many of my friends with excellent results. *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    I take this with the Vitamin C Tea every day, so far so good. I have not gotten sick yet, (knock on wood) even though I have been around people who were sick. Thanks Dherbs, I am addicted to you. :) *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    Just want to say after a month of using the Iron Formula and vitamin c tea, my anemia is improving. I love the products because it doesn't upset my stomach or cause constipation. It doesn't even give me a sour stomach. I just reordered my monthly supply and will be trying the b-complex next. Thank you. *
  • Vitamin C Tea

    I love this product, I am anemic meaning I have very low iron, I used to buy the tea supplements, but I enjoy this tea better because I mix it with sarsaparilla tea. Since taking both tea's my iron levels have improved naturally. *
7 results

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