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Reviews: Woman's Choice

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  • Woman's Choice

    I didn't want to take the prescription birth control pills anymore. They made me gain weight and I was a emotional basket case on them. I was recommending Dherbs products to my clients already. When my clients started asking me about a natural birth control I decided to try this product for myself. Two years later I am very happy with my results and also my cycle has been regulated since I have been on the product. Thank you for all your research and knowledge of herbs. ALH *
  • Woman's Choice

    I've been using this Woman's Choice for several years now with great success. Woman's Choice has given me a great NATURAL alternative to the control that I've been using for years. Ever since I switched over to the more natural lifestyle of ridding my body of harmful chemicals I have felt much more energetic and healthier and this Woman's Choice has been a great addition that doesn't have to muddle up my natural female hormonal balance. Wonderful to have this natural choice out there and available for women! *
  • Woman's Choice

    The Woman's Choice is truly working out well for me. It's effective against unwanted pregnancy and my period has become much more regular...just make sure you, follow the instructions exact. Thank you very much DHerbs, for such a great product. *
  • Woman's Choice

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! My periods have never been so regular! *
  • Woman's Choice

    This works! I was looking for an alternative to using oral contraception as I would get bad side effects from the hormones and the pill would make me sick. I wanted a natural alternative that I could trust. I was unsure at first but my partner and I have had success with this method and I will continue to use it. You have to say on the daily schedule but its worth it. *
  • Woman's Choice

    I have hormone problems and endometriosis. By taking this supplement the last two months my pain and symptoms have almost disappeared! My cycle is easier in general and my mood has improved. I have struggled with infertility the last six years (after having 3 kids already) but due to diet changes and increased health supplement intake I was worried about the possibility of my fertility returning. So though it is not necessarily a miracle on the not getting pregnant front (I have definitely not gotten pregnant but no surprise there) it really helps my Endo symptoms so WIN WIN for me! About to order my next months supply. Worth it just for the hormone balance. Thanks! *
  • Woman's Choice

    I have been unable, for years, to take hormonal contraceptives. Weight gain, horrible nausea, and constant bloating. I tried this back in the early part of the fall season. Not only has is been SUCCESSFUL in preventing pregnancy, I feel no nausea or bloating. I even mentioned it to my doctor when she tried to prescribe birth control. Very thankful for herbal remedy! *
  • Woman's Choice

    I was very pleased with this product! After doing much research I found this to be very beneficiary for me. I had no side affects using the product and will continue to use. Thank you DHerbs for making this available! *
  • Woman's Choice

    This product has aided in stopping the spotting I had in between periods! Also I feel little to no cramping. Definitely will keep this as a monthly use. *
27 results

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