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Woman's Choice

Wild Yam Root herb has been used for centuries by Native American women.*

  • 100% Mexican Wild Yam Root*
  • Helps to maintain normal menstrual cycle*

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Woman's Choice is formulated with the most amazing plant used for female health purposes – Mexican Wild Yam Root, used by Native American women for centuries.*

The wonderful thing about Wild Yam Root is that it does not pollute the body and cause harm to the body and no studies exist to prove otherwise.*

Also, you don’t have to perform a cleanse after its use when you decide to conceive a child.*

The formula must be taken religiously. It takes approximately 7-weeks for the herbs to take effect.

Does not protect against STDs.* (200 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adult Females: Take 7 capsules daily once a day.

  • Kaorra
    I ordered this to replace birth control I took for acne. It has worked really well! It's a lot of pills but since I'm used to taking a few Dherbs products daily so not that big of a deal. Not sure how it does to prevent pregnancy, as I took for hormonal acne control. *
  • Samara
    I have been using this for about 5 months now. It's wonderful. I haven't had any problem like I had with other birth controls and it's very effective !!! No babies lol.... natural and I love it !!!! *
  • Latisha
    I've been using Dherbs Woman's Choice for 7 months. I like the fact it's all natural. No side effects. Oh and I didn't get pregnant. Recommend using if you don't like all the harsh drugs and side effects from other types of birth control. *
  • Brianna
    This product has aided in stopping the spotting I had in between periods! Also I feel little to no cramping. Definitely will keep this as a monthly use. *
  • Latasha
    I was very pleased with this product! After doing much research I found this to be very beneficiary for me. I had no side affects using the product and will continue to use. Thank you DHerbs for making this available! *
  • Christine
    I have been unable, for years, to take hormonal contraceptives. Weight gain, horrible nausea, and constant bloating. I tried this back in the early part of the fall season. Not only has is been SUCCESSFUL in preventing pregnancy, I feel no nausea or bloating. I even mentioned it to my doctor when she tried to prescribe birth control. Very thankful for herbal remedy! *
  • Laci
    I have hormone problems and endometriosis. By taking this supplement the last two months my pain and symptoms have almost disappeared! My cycle is easier in general and my mood has improved. I have struggled with infertility the last six years (after having 3 kids already) but due to diet changes and increased health supplement intake I was worried about the possibility of my fertility returning. So though it is not necessarily a miracle on the not getting pregnant front (I have definitely not gotten pregnant but no surprise there) it really helps my Endo symptoms so WIN WIN for me! About to order my next months supply. Worth it just for the hormone balance. Thanks! *
  • Katrina
    I have been using the woman's choice for two months now, and I have not had the fatigue and cramps that I normally would have. It has also help regulate my cycle and it has shortened the number of days of my cycle. I recommend this product because it is natural and does not have the side affects like others. *
  • Maureen
    This works! I was looking for an alternative to using oral contraception as I would get bad side effects from the hormones and the pill would make me sick. I wanted a natural alternative that I could trust. I was unsure at first but my partner and I have had success with this method and I will continue to use it. You have to say on the daily schedule but its worth it. *
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