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  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    I'm on my second bottle of this spray, because i love it. The smell is sooo nice, yet somehow very familiar. It reminds me of a time when I was less anxious,stressed and more at peace with myself. I now see this spray as my spiritual bodyguard because I believe it can tune in with my senses and create harmony. my sister and aunt also feel that when they use it they imediately feel a calming effect.I believe the more you like/love the smell, the more you will benefit from it and it's all natural. thank you dherbs for creating yet another geneous product. *
  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    The Anti-Psychic Attack Spray is pretty powerful. It smells great and does not give me any problems even though I am sensitive to many scents. Sometimes we feel drained spiritually for different reasons, this spray helps get rid of that. If you are spiritually sensitive you will definitely feel the difference in your aura once sprayed. *
  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    This product smells great, repels negative energy, and made me feel more calm. I am happy that I heard about this company on Coast to Coast AM. Thank you ;) *
  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    I see result after using this product. I have share this information with family members. *
  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    Physic attack is very real and I use to experience it a lot. I am a healer and the nature of my work demands taking care of a lot sick people. Randomly, I will notice a drop in energy and active form after attending to few clients. I read about the Anti Physic Spray and I decided to order one alongside the soothing Soap. I use the Anti Physic Attack Spray along my meditation and prayer and I see greater activeness and concentration than before. I have used it for over 6 years. I will recommend it for anyone. You must have faith in what you use for it to be very effective. Thanks *
  • Anti-Psychic Attack Spray

    A little goes a long way. I have been using this product on and off regularly for about 3 weeks now. I am unclear on if it works or not, but I still use it if I feel like I might get annoyed. I would say that it does have a comfort type smell to it and I do think I feel less edgy if I spray. I still have a LOT in the bottle so I am excited to continue using it. At this point I would not purchase this product again but I do feel like I am getting my monies worth because after 3 week, I still have a basically full bottle. *
6 results

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