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  • Cardiovascular

    I have been taking Cardio-Vascular Formula for over a year, mainly because I was experiencing periodic rapid heartbeat. I order two bottles at a time, in order not to run out. It has truly been a benefit with no side effects. *
  • Cardiovascular

    This product (Cardio-Vascular Formula) is great! After using the herbs for 1 week I noticed my blood pressure down to normal readings. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Cardiovascular

    I just finished my 1st bottle (Cardio-Vascular Formula). Together with stopping caffeine, it helps greatly in stabilizing my heartbeat. In fact, I can already feel a difference on the first day I took it. I am sure with continued usage, I will be completely healed. Thank you, Dherbs! *
  • Cardiovascular

    The cardio vascular formula is a great product!!!!!!!!! Waiting for my next order to come. *
  • Cardiovascular

    I like your products because they are all natural and have no side-effects. I have been taking the Cardiovascular formula for sometime now however when I take my blood pressure the top number is in the 150's and the bottom number is good in the 60's. These numbers have been consistent. I was hoping the top number would be lower. *
  • Cardiovascular

    The cardiovascular takes awhile to get in the system before working. However, it seems to help with my heart. I will continue to use it and see what happens. *
33 results

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