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Reviews: Female Health Tea

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  • Female Health Tea

    I was having irregular periods sometimes twice a month after drinking the tea my next period came 27 days later much improved from 19 days apart or twice a month *
  • Female Health Tea

    Since starting this product, I have had less bloating and fewer cramps between my cycle. I use this in combination with the Yoni Cleanser and Female Hormonal supplements. The taste is not bad at all, and I don't even have to add a sweetener. I will be purchasing this again as my results have been ideal. *
  • Female Health Tea

    This female health tea combined with the uterus tea has been helpful in my recovery. This tea works. I would purchase this tea again. *
  • Female Health Tea

    The Female Health Tea is a great tea both in taste and what it does for the female body. I drink it everyday and also take the Yoni Cleanser and Bunny Rabbit capsules. This combination really helped to alleviate PMS. I've been taking this combo for about 3 weeks now and I am very satisfied. *
  • Female Health Tea

    Wow, the Female Health Tea works! My breasts are usually very, very tender and sore for 14 days before my cycle. I am presently drinking this tea daily for seven days now and I have no tender breasts, I can run, skip and jump which I couldn't do before I started taking this tea. Highly recommended for people with menstrual issues. *
  • Female Health Tea

    If you are having any type of menstrual problems, I highly recommended the Female Health Tea. It did wonders for me. *
  • Female Health Tea

    Tasted great. I used this in combination with the female hormonal supplement after my cycle had stopped for 3 months. Good stuff! *
  • Female Health Tea

    I love this FEMALE HEALTH TEA, since I began drinking it my periods have been sort of heavy but they only last for 2 days. It also helps with my cramping plus it taste great. *
  • Female Health Tea

    The FEMALE HEALTH tea is a wonderful tea product. I have bought teas from the grocery store that claim to do the same thing but by far purchasing this product from DHERBS and many other products are all natural and very potent and therefore you will see the results. I am regular now and feeling fantastic! God bless. *
16 results

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