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Reviews: Natural Tooth Powder

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  • Natural Tooth Powder

    A must. Great product (Healing Herbal Tooth Powder), works fast and removes stains if used every day. Last a very long time. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I am amazed at the effectiveness of this product! My teeth are Whitening more and more everyday and it gives my mouth and breath a really smooth and fresh feeling throughout the whole day.. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    This product is amazing!!! I've always had pretty good teeth because of my raw food diet and i just always hated sweets even as a child, weird, i know, lol most kids love sweets but not me... plus I have been using natural products since i was 16, 29 now. This product just compliments my healthy lifestyle, my teeth are much more brighter and whiter. You are amazing, thank you so much Dherbs.com! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    Hotep All, After hearing about this product and its many wonderful results i could not wait to recieve my order. I must say the is has delivered in every way as advertised and testified. I thing that this product would be a great gift to family and friends, and would aid in the detoxification of FLUORIDE from the system so conscious communications can expand. BBlessed JAH--SON *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I bought this product (Healing Herbal Tooth Powder) after the dentist said that I have early stage gingivitis. I did not want to use chemical formulas to treat my condition; I wanted to naturally heal my gums. After using this product for several weeks, I returned to the dentist and received a more than favorable report. Not only were my gums healing, but I noticed that my teeth were whitening as well. I highly recommend this product because it does exactly what it claims to do. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I can honestly say that this herbal tooth powder really works. My teeth are noticeably white and I no longer bleed while brushing. I have my fiance using it too! I have noticed a dramatic difference in his teeth. His are alot whiter and his bleeding is coming to a minimal. This is a keeper! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The taste caught me by surprise, but I really got used to it, and now I quite enjoy it! My teeth gets a healthy exfoliation morning and night... *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    Really enjoy the tooth powder. Teeth feel so much cleaner and breathe is fresh longer. Have recommended this prodcut to my friends and family. This was my first order and looks like it will last a long time so its well worth the money spent. Thanks D'Herbs for offering another great product we can use. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I was skeptical to use this powder. After trying it, I loved how fresh by breath smelled and the cleanliness of my teeth. I went on to my 6 months visit and the dentist loved how clean my teeth were. they were very white and he asked if it was because I used the electric brush he recommended. that made me laugh! I was proud to say it was a herbal tooth powder. He thought I was crazy! Anyways, great product to keep your teeth white. BTW, I am ordering my second powder! *
80 results

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