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Reviews: Mucus Tea

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  • Mucus Tea

    Great product. Helps me whenever I feel a cold coming on. *
  • Mucus Tea

    Tastes good and works as described. These extra word are here because there is a 50 character minimum. *
  • Mucus Tea

    This tea cleared up the mucus for me and my 3 year old son (I put some cooled tea in his juice)! I felt a difference in me after the 2nd cup. I drink it daily to keep my nasal cavity clear. It's also really helpful when you get sick. The medicine I attempted to take couldn't even compare to the clearing power of this tea. *
  • Mucus Tea

    Every product I've gotten from Dherbs is on the money! I've ordered various products from Dherbs and loved them all. Here's a bit of a list: Mucus Tea,Candida Tea, Yoni Cleanser (capsules), Full Body Detox, Fibroid Tea and capsules and more! I like the fact that there are formulas. One product for one thing. I don't have to combine all the single herbs myself. I love the products so much, I'm going to become a distributor! *
  • Mucus Tea

    The mucus buster tea is a great tea for colds, stuffy nose. It helped my grandkid breath better. *
  • Mucus Tea

    This product helped eliminate hardened mucus in my chest that wouldn't move until I started having a cup every day before lunch time. Also felt the difference in my nostrils. *
  • Mucus Tea

    Mucus Buster tea really works!! My chest became so conjested that when I coughed it felt as if I was going throw up. Maybe the problem should have been treated sooner. The mucus buster tea helped to thin out the thickened mucus and also to bring up mucus lodged further down. This was just by drinking the tea, and I really like the taste too. *
  • Mucus Tea

    Greetings from Chicago! I bought this tea (Mucus Buster tea) along with the Mucus Buster Formula for my bronchial congested/clogged niece. She loves dairy, especially cheese with crackers; unfortunately she has been suffering from bronchial problems since she was 7-years young due to her unhealthy diet. I, with my family's approval and overstanding, have successfully changed her diet, no dairy, period! Now, at age 12, she is happily breathing through both her nose and mouth again without wheezing—drinking the Mucus Buster tea and ingesting the Mucus Buster Formula for 3 months. What an invaluable product DHERBS!!! *
  • Mucus Tea

    My daughter & I were suffering from a lingering cold and congestion. After using the Mucus Buster tea over a period of 3-5 days we both were healthy, and had more energy. This truly an awesome product and it will be a staple in my household from now on. *
17 results

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