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Mucus Tea

Herbal tea that may help with excess mucus, and achieve clearer, easier breathing.*

  • Helps soften and dissolve hardened mucus*
  • Aid with expectoration of mucus*
  • Helps nourish, cleanse and maintain a healthy circulation and respiratory system*
  • Helps maintain healthy joints*

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Mucus Tea+Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen
Mucus Tea $10.95
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Mucus Tea is formulated with botanicals that have been selected specifically to aid with expectoration, helping to soften and dissolve hardened, stubborn mucus and expel it from your body.*

This formula helps to nourish, cleanse and maintain a healthy circulatory and respiratory system. Helps maintain healthy joints.*

20 Tea Bags Per Container

Quick Note About Dherbs Teas:
These wonderful teas are unique and exclusive and only available from Dherbs.com.

Our teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical. Our teas are 100% pure natural herbs.*

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How To Use

Place tea bag into a cup and add boiled water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 2 minutes. Cool to suitable drinking temperature. Add sweetener of choice (e.g. 100% grade B maple syrup, agave nectar (from sap), or raw honey) and a little lemon juice if you desire. Drink and enjoy warm or cold.

  • Juanita
    I had mucus for over 2 years that I could not get rid of, not even Mucinex help. I spoke with my pulmonologist and was told it could be due to the Asthma, but I didn't think it was okay to be always spitting yellowish mucus, so I started searching the internet of how to fight mucus. I thank God for bringing DHERBS to my my viewing on such vast informational site. After 2 days of starting the Mucus Tea I realize when I cough, nothing came up. Even my daughter noticed that I wasn't coughing an spitting like I generally do. I could not believe it! I was so happy and still am , cause I am off the tea and still no mucus!???? I have been telling friends and family. I plan to try as many of their products to aid in fighting against the sickness I deal with. I have made another purchase for my mother, brother and friend who have sicknesses, to see if it helps them. I have not stop buying and will continue to do. My first order was placed on May 9, 2020. It's now June 2020 and I am still ordering and trying other items. Love it so far!!???????? Thanks Dherbs!! *
  • Tony
    Got rid of the mucus in my chest fast when nothing else worked. *
  • Paula
    Mucus tea is awesome! Pulled that stubborn mucus right out of me! *
  • Julius
    Not only has this tea been effective for me, it also taste great. It works to clear mucus from my sinuses and clears my congestion. Sometimes I get so congested that it causes me to have panic attacks, have difficulty breathing. This tea has truly been a blessing, thank you for creating this wonderful and amazing product. *
  • Nicole
    This tea is AWESOME!! I've purchased three bags, and am now down to one. My mother raved over the product, saying that it "saved my life," after a trying cold and flu season. I will definitely purchase more soon!!! Keep up the fine work!!! *
  • Tracey
    I Loved it. It does exactly what it says. Draws the mucous up and out. *
  • Chris
    This tea is great and works very well. I use to suffer from a lot of mucus build up but this tea has help reduced the amount and I sleep better. *
  • William
    The Mucus Tea I recommend for anyone trying to rid itself of mucus in the body. This is a great product. *
  • Abby
    This tea clear my chest up and out, I didn't know I'd see actual mucus flushing out my system!!! It has a mellow taste and I love the stay fresh pouch it comes in, its easy to make,and my kids love it. A nice cup before bed is relaxing and I woke up each morning being able to breath better. I will buy again. *
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