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Reviews: Lungs & Respiratory Tea

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  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    The Lungs-Respiratory tea is a great tea !! I feel so healthy with lots more energy when I drink this tea !! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    Great tea and really worked well... I was sad when all of the tea bags were gone. Thanks! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    WOW! The Best! I was a smoker and quit. Ordered 'Respiratory Aid' drops and it is the best. At the start of feeling any discomfort, I use this product and I feel better in one to two days. I have just found that they no longer have the product. I also ordered the tea and found this product does well too. I drink it without add sugar hot and room temp. Thinking of adding, for the summer, lemon. I have just order the inhaler to see what it will do. Try this tea, it works! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    The Lung and Respiratory Tea helps me with my breathing. I have asthma and it cleared the mucus I had in my lungs. Like this tea. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    It (Lungs-Respiratory tea) does what it says it does! It just tastes soooooo bbbaaadddddddd!! Don't give it to your kids. They'll never drink it. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    I have congested tightness in my chest because I get exposed to chemical agents at work. The doctor gave me ADVAIR, another poison; I refused to take it and began drinking the Lungs-Respiratory tea. It helps the tightness and congestion. It works! *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    I had a collapsed lung in 2007. After using the Lungs-Respiratory tea for several days, I could tell that it was helping, but boy does it taste bad. I would recommend that you use se a couple drops of stevia to improve the taste. *
  • Lungs & Respiratory Tea

    I'll need to keep drinking it to see full results but I say it doesn't hurt to give it a try. *
8 results

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Lungs & Respiratory Tea 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
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