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  • Multivitamin Tea

    Nutritive tea ensures that I get necessary minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, and amino acids with each cup. It also taste good. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Very good I have more energy I could feel the difference. Love it. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    I've ordered the multi vitamin tea from Dherbs. I hate taking pills and wanted another way to put the minerals and vitamins in my body. The tea is not too bitter, I feel a difference in my body. Will definitely order again!! *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    It worked perfectly for me. Kept me regular and helped me to maintain a balance weight. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Gave me so many vitamins. Thank you for making this product. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Personally I like taking the capsule form of my daily vitamins. However, this is a great back up for me! Whenever I run out of vitamins I know I can count on this tea to get me through the day. I feel alert and energized after drinking this tea. It’s a great quick way to get the nutrients you need! *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    For those that love teas and others that don’t care for or find it hard to swallow the pill form, this is another must have from dherbs. Just add a teaspoon of honey and enjoy. Great taste and health benefits! I have ordered many teas from dherbs and all so far have been great. *
7 results

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