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  • Multivitamin Tea

    Nutritive tea ensures that I get necessary minerals, trace elements, vitamins, B-vitamins, and amino acids with each cup. It also taste good. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Very good I have more energy I could feel the difference. Love it. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    I've ordered the multi vitamin tea from Dherbs. I hate taking pills and wanted another way to put the minerals and vitamins in my body. The tea is not too bitter, I feel a difference in my body. Will definitely order again!! *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    It worked perfectly for me. Kept me regular and helped me to maintain a balance weight. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Gave me so many vitamins. Thank you for making this product. *
  • Multivitamin Tea

    Personally I like taking the capsule form of my daily vitamins. However, this is a great back up for me! Whenever I run out of vitamins I know I can count on this tea to get me through the day. I feel alert and energized after drinking this tea. It’s a great quick way to get the nutrients you need! *
6 results

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