Multivitamin Tea
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Multivitamin Tea

Herbal tea intended to provide the essential nutrients and vitamins your body requires to support optimal overall health.*

  • Contributes to the health and optimal function of all your body’s organs and systems*
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and nails*
  • Helps to boost your body’s immune system*
  • Contributes to feelings of energy and vitality*

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Multivitamin Tea

Multivitamin Tea

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Our Multivitamin Tea provides a balance of essential nutrition to supplement one's diet for optimal health and wellness. Vitamins and minerals in this formula are 100% digestible and absorbable by the body.*

Quick Note About Dherbs Teas:

These wonderful teas are unique and exclusive and only available from Our teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical. Our teas are 100% pure natural herbs.*

20 Tea Bags Per Container

Model: 5432 • Shipping Weight: 0.15625lbs


How To Use

Place tea bag into a cup and add boiled water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 2 minutes. Cool to suitable drinking temperature. Add sweetener of choice (e.g. 100% grade B maple syrup, agave nectar (from sap), or raw honey) and a little lemon juice if you desire. Drink and enjoy warm or cold.

How Long Until I See Results?
Great question. Results may vary from person to person as there are various external and internal factors that may influence each persons experience while using this product. Some of our customers may see immediate results, while others have achieved great results within 4-6 weeks. We would suggest that you continue to use the product for at least 30 to 45 days in order to assess the benefits from taking this supplement.

Get Optimum Results with Regular Use
We suggest that you take this product consistently, and as specified. This means that you should allow the herbs enough time to build up within your system, and thus become effective. Even after you feel better from using this supplement, you may find that it is beneficial to continuously take a smaller dose for ongoing maintenance and support. Many of our customers take the product regularly to ensure optimal health.

  • Sharon
    This tea is fantastic!! I had a stomach virus and started drinking this tea and started to feel so much better. I will be ordering it again!! Thanks Dherbs!! I just love your products ❣️❣️ *
  • Latosha
    This tea is excellent! I feel so much better taking it! I’m more energized and I feel stronger. Taste good too! *
  • Tonia
    The multivitamin tea is so refreshing. I have a lot of. Energy. It keeps me from drinking coffee. *
  • Gina
    I am in love with this tea! I drink it daily, but I drink it chilled. I make a big pot using 6 tea bags. After it cools to room temperature, I add a little stevia (because it is already slightly sweetened with Stevia leaf), fresh lemon and I use a garlic press to squeeze fresh ginger into it as well. I can't get enough. It is the perfect soft drink to have with any meal and I don't have to buy vitamins! I put this on auto deliver and live my best life because of it. Thanks Dherbs! To be honest, I have not had one product that I did not enjoy and think highly of. *
  • Kimberly
    I liked the teas but they weren't as affective as I thought they would be as a the full body cleanse tea option. *
  • Vernina
    This tea is delicious! I love that Dherbs puts a multivitamin in the form of a tea. It makes it so much easier for people who have a hard time swallowing pills. Great job! *
  • Reginald
    I blend it with chamomile tea or with Male Health tea. I've enjoyed it so far. *
  • Jamila
    Bought the Multi-Vitamins tea for my youngest son because he can't swallow pills yet. I'm happy that I've found a way for him to get in his daily vitamins. He really likes this tea and he makes sure I remember to give it to him. I also add a little organic raw honey to it. I will continue to order this product. *
  • Shantell
    Great tea gave me subtle energy and tasted good. My daughter ordered her own after trying some. All great products. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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