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Anti-T Formula

An herbal supplement intended to help limit the negative effect of environmental risk factors that can contribute to health challenges.*

  • Works to fight free radicals*
  • Helps to promote healthy cell growth*
  • Helps to cleanse and detoxify your body, helping to make it more resistant to the environmental risk factors*


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Frequently Bought Together
Anti-T Formula+Female Health Tea
Anti-t Formula $29.95
Price for both: $42.45

Formulated with plants that are known to have antioxidant, immune-boosting and cleansing properties.*

This formula can assist your body in fighting the detrimental effects of free radicals and contribute to the growth of healthy new cells.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

Model: 1166 • Shipping Weight: 0.225lbs


Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

Children (under 12): Take 1 capsule daily.

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  • I believe it works. I plan to get it later on a regular basis. I would like to get the FULL BODY CLEANSE as soon as my finances are not so challenged. Please tell me, though, is it right to take the Anti-T Formula while I am doing the CLEANSE? *
  • Work great. Also good to take when you get a sore throat. *
  • The Anti-T was pretty good. I ordered it b/c I had an abscess drained from my back a week earlier. So I tried the Anti-T and so far so good. *
  • I am very pleased with ALL of the items offered here! This is one of the very few companies that offer products that actually work in harmony with our bodies! I cannot express my thankfulness to the people at dherbs and whoever is creating these supplements/herbs......what a master of the arts we have here. Thank you for such exceptional products! Ma'at *
  • I started taking turmeric for an acoustic neuroma and my body liked it. But I thought i should try this combination to try to shrink the neuroma as i don't want to have surgery or radiation. When you open the bottle there is an oder and the capsules taste like the clear capsule is not a high grade capsule. I haven't been able to take able to take them long enough to say if they are right for me but i will say they must be doing something cause i note i don't feel as well. I think they are working but i may not need to take 3. Anyway after taking them for a month had another MRI.and the tumor is growing so that is not due to pills. I think maybe the plastic from the bottle affects the taste of pills who knows. I am not being picky or disrespecting the product. I think I needed more time on them or to just stay with turmeric alone which i liked better not so harsh for me. I am glad to say you are them only people i found who dared to have this kind of a mixture for benign or cancerous tumors. I hunted high and low an you were the only ones i found. So that is a positive thing for people who need it so. *
  • I took my Dherbs product Brain Booster which I was taking along with Anti-T Formula to the Doctor's office, the RN kinesiologist tested it to find out if I should continue taking these Dherbs product. I was very happy to have heard it was a positive alternative to continue taking it for the RN who tested it does not know about Dherbs. Indeed both products have help me a lot with my cerebellopontine right angle tumor. Thank for having suggested both products to help out with reduction, and above all I thank the Almighty True Living God. Psalms 83:18. *
  • I need to write a review on Anti-T!!! I have been taking it since November 3, 2013, and my body is reacting positively for I feel the changes in my eyes, neck, and head. I continue taking it for my goal is to satisfy the needs of my immune system for it to fight my weakness God willing! *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)
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