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Hair & Scalp Oil

Natural hair and scalp oil that works to restore life and moisture, aid in hair appearance.

  • Contains 100% pure oils to help promote healthy and beautiful hair
  • Helps to seal shine and restore life back into hair
  • Gives your hair lift and volume
  • Nurture and moisturize the scalp

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Hair & Scalp Oil+Oxy-Oil (4 oz)
Hair & Scalp Oil $19.95
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Hair & Scalp Oil is made from 100% pure oils that have been used for centuries to promote healthy and beautiful hair. This combination of oils is great for all hair types. It will seal shine and return life back to your hair. You will see and feel how soft, energized and manageable you hair will become. The oils help nurture and moisturize the scalp. Use our Hair Oil from roots to ends as a mask before washing and as a leave in treatment for tired lengths. 4 FL OZ.

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Directions: Pour a moderate amount of oil in palm and rub into hair.

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  • I would just like to say that this is some great stuff and I am so glad I decided to try it. I was at my cousins house when she kept asking what was that smell she got close and said it's your hair! She is actually my hair dresser who said my hair was also soft. So thanks! I will be ordering some more. *
  • It worked perfectly to naturally help my daughter's extremely dry scalp. Her scalp had some sort of infection evident from the extreme flaking and smelly scalp. I took care of it with this oil, after trying tee tree oil and some sort of over the counter medicating shampoo, and it would flake back up after a day or two. This oil helped her scalp and now we are back to normal. Expensive but long lasting and gets the job done. *
  • Since using the hair and scalp oil, my hair had become softer and more manageable. I have only been using for a few weeks, so I need more time to see additional results but so far I like what I am seeing. *
  • Since using the Hair & Scalp Oil I noticed my hair has become fuller in areas where it was thinning and the natural color has come back and I'm noticing less gray new growth. For the past 6-8 years my hair has been thinning in the front and no other in store products were working. I saw results with the hair & scalp oil after just 1 week of using the product. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is experiencing thinning hair. *
  • I love the Hair & Scalp Oil. It really works well with my natural hair. It's not too oily. It's perfect:) *
  • The Hair & Scalp Oil is the best hair oil I'd ever used. I apply and massage the oil into my hair and scalp 3 or more hours before shampooing my hair and I have silky healthy hair. Thanks for another good product Dherbs! *
  • The good thing about the Hair & Scalp Oil is that a little goes a long way. It does everything it says it and I was pleasantly surprised that its spicy-sweet fragrance provides mild aromatherapy. *
  • So far so good. I like the smell. My hair is natural. It responded very well to the Hair & Scalp Oil. I can't wait to use it again. I'll keep posting. *
  • The hair and scalp oil is an excellent product! A little does go a long way and my hair dresser noticed a difference in my hair and now SHE uses it! Although I liked the first formula better this new formula is also good. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 49 reviews)
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Yes, men can also use the Hair & Scalp Oil. Your purchase should be based off your personal need. We recommend taking the Hair Skin Nails Formula also.

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