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Reviews: Natural Tooth Powder

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  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I was not sure about getting this just because of the size and thought I might go through it quickly BUT almost 10 months later and I just now had to reorder AND I shared a bit with my sister when I first received it, so it would've lasted me an entire year! And I brush 2-3 times a day. Your mouth feels so clean like its indescribable, taste is herbal (obviously) but not gross, I don't even notice it anymore all I taste is my toothpaste. You should get this!! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    This is a testimonial for the Natural Tooth Powder. My tooth was hurting a bit, and I thought that the filling in my tooth had come out (I have a mercury filling). I went to the dentist thinking that I might have to replace the filling, but surprisingly the dentist could not find anything wrong. I believe that it may have been the sweet desserts that I had consumed at the time, because since then I've realized that I can't eat anything that is too sweet. Anyway, my daughter-in-law was with me at the time, and asked if I would like a cleaning since I have not had one in a very long time. The dentist then replied "if I cleaned your teeth, I would be taking your money, because your teeth are just fine, no plaque." "Whatever you are doing, just keep on doing it". I was sooo excited and said to my daughter-in-law that's my DHERBS Natural Tooth Powder. That's the first time I've ever been to a dentist and have not had a cleaning. Before leaving, he also said that maybe, I may need to only see him once a year. Thanks again DHERBS for your products. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I've been using the Natural Tooth Powder, all alone for about a year, and my teeth are just fine. My teeth are "squeaky clean," I have fresh breath and my teeth feel clean all day. This product is great for bad breath. The Natural Tooth Powder is a great all natural tooth product. It's like a Jamaican chew stick. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The Natural Tooth Powder is AWESOME! I’ve been using it for over a year now and both my husband & I have seen a profound difference in the health of our gums, breath, teeth color and issues. I have all my wisdom teeth at the age of 27 & 1 of which is supposedly coming up 1/2 way under the gums. The other half had cavities & was treated with fillings when I was 20. Last year the filling fell out, leaving a hole in the tooth & that caused severe pain, and even resulted in an infection. I was pregnant at the time & couldn't have any surgery to remove the wisdom teeth, nor could I receive any antibiotics to treat the infection (which I wouldn't have taken to begin with). I quickly turned to Dherbs, and found this awesome tooth powder! Within a week of utilizing the powder, a top toothpaste, carbon, and other natural/remedies, the infection subsided! I continue to utilize the powder, and haven't had ANY issues with the tooth even though it has no fillings. What' remarkable is that this was over a year ago. This is an awesome product Dherbs, well done! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The Natural Tooth Powder is an excellent product that my family enjoys using. It gives us bright, white, healthy looking teeth & gums. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love using the tooth powder. After brushing my teeth with it, it makes my teeth feel really clean, and it has also changed my gums back to the color pink. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    This Natural Tooth Powder is the TRUTH. I've used it a few times in the past couple years and now I make sure to keep it on deck. Because of my diet I used to get cavities a lot but that hasn't been a problem since I improved my diet and started using dherbs tooth powder regularly. When I do get a toothache or have cavities that bother me I put a little bit on the tooth and I'm good in only a few minutes. It also whitens teeth better than any toothpaste I've ever tried. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    My mother-in-law and I recently went to the dentist to get our regular check-up's and the dentist told both of us to continue doing what we are doing because we didn't really need him and that he would gladly take our money if we wanted him to but he didnt think we need his service really. wow! we referred him to dherbs.com. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    We have been using this Natural Tooth Powder inter generationally. From my mother down to our youth and we are going to make it a point to always have this in our household. I was dealing with some extreme gum and tooth issues and on the verge of getting this tooth pulled (reluctantly) but I decided to use this powder along with a water and green juice fast and the pain, swelling and throbbing has gone down significantly. My mother has had bridge work done and she has had bleeding gums profusely and since she's been using it her gums have stopped bleeding! Our youth just loves the product and they think its fun to use, if we happen to forget to put it on their brush they do remind us!! Thank you very much for this and the many products you have! Peace and love, the Fluker/Munirah household. *
86 results

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