Vegan Protein Powder Mix - Pure Pea Protein
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Vegan Protein Powder Mix - Pure Pea Protein

A 100% vegan herbal protein powder intended to help promote lean muscle growth.*

  • Formulated to be highly soluble, easily digested and absorbed*
  • Helps to provide energy; especially helpful when working out*
  • Plant-based protein replaces unhealthier animal-based proteins in your diet*
  • Hypoallergenic protein that yields a high biological value (65.4%)*
  • Non-GMO & RAW no heat used*
  • Excellent amino acid profile - especially high in Arginine, Glutamine & Leucine*
  • Helps to nurish skin, liver, kidney, joints, muscles, and blood*
  • Helps to support body's immune system*

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Dherbs Vegan Protein Powder Mix is a 100% all-natural, vegan source of highly digestible protein that promotes lean muscle growth and helps to enhance energy, strength, and stamina.* 

Great for bodybuilders, athletes, vegans, vegetarians, and anyone else looking for a healthy, plant-based source of protein.*

This product is perfect whether you’re already a vegan, you’re looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle, you’re taking one of our Cleanses that recommends a dairy-free, meat-free vegan diet for the duration of the Cleanse, or you just want to feel healthier.* 

Net Wt. 200g

Model: 51106 • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs


How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Add 1 tablespoon to beverage, stir well. and drink. For fruit smoothies: Add 1 tablespoon to content in blender and blend.

Children: Add 1/2 tablespoon to beverage; stir well and drink. For fruit smoothies: Add 1/2 tablespoon to content in blender and blend.

  • Kayron
    As always, Dherbs is superior in their products. I got this pea protein to add to smoothies for health purposes. I like that this is pure protein without added ingredients. I was malnourished according to my doctor and needed to add protein to my diet and she suggested protein shakes, which are gross to me. I decided to add a powder to smoothies and have been feeling much better ever since. I also add this separate to juice after I finish working out and I’ve been able to recover so much quicker; seems almost immediate once I’ve drank it. I go back to my doctor in 6 months and believe this product as well as the other products I’ve been using from Dherbs will get me back to where I need to be health wise. Thank u Dherbs for such awesome products that actually work and promote healing. *
  • Juanita
    Has helped with my joints and really helps with puffiness and also brightens my skin tone. *
  • Kien
    Amazing, I mixed it with my smoothie before and after my cardio workout during the full body cleanse. I knew I was going to lose some pounds but I didn’t want to lose any muscle. I needed a protein because I didn’t want to lose the muscle mass and this was great for that - as it is plant based and doesn’t interfere in a bad way. *
  • Ivelka
    The Dherbs Vegan Protein Powder Mix worked perfectly while I was on my Full Body Cleanse. It gave me natural energy and helped me feel satisfied. No after taste at all. I used it in my raw vegetable and/or fruit smoothies. Perfect combination with the FB Cleanse! I will definitely order this product again, and will even use it on a regular basis. *
  • Jovona
    I love this protein powder! It’s very hard to find a good, genuinely clean protein powder and this one is great. Makes all of my smoothies and shakes so smooth. I only wish it came in a larger portion. *
  • Manika
    This is the best vegan protein mix I've ever tasted. It mixes well with my smoothies and does not leave an after taste. I would also recommend using while doing the full body cleanse because it helps to stay full longer. It would be nice if it was offered in a larger container. *
  • Nakeesha
    It's great in my smoothies. I don't taste the mix and it's not heavy like other protein powders I've used in the past. I really like that its all organic and it is providing me with the nutrients that I need. I made a lot of smoothies while on one of the cleanses and this protein powder was a key ingredient to making sure I stayed on track. *
  • Pamela
    Great product, great tasting low calories, vegan, nourishing and mixed well in my daily smoothie. I do wish you offered more container sizes. I plan on ordering product again for sure. *
  • Ronald
    Great protein Product. I will stick with this protein instead of going back to the protein I was using...Great Product!!! *
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