Oxy-Oil (4 oz)
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Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

Natural oil that helps to nourish, tone, rejuvenate and maintain healthy looking skin.*

  • Skin oil that helps maintain healhty skin*
  • Can be applied externally and internally*
  • Helps skin to breathe and helps to unclog pores*
  • Works to nourish, tone and rejuvenate the skin*
  • When taken internally helps the liver and colon*

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Dherbs Oxy-Oil is an effective skin oil that helps maintain healhty skin. It can be applied externally and taken internally. Oxy-Oil does not clog the skin’s pores and allows the skin to breathe unlike mineral oil (derived from harmful petroleum) and lanolin (derived from sheep). Oxy-Oil is infused with full strength enhanced oxygen (ozone) and can be used from infants to the elderly. It is recommended for all skip types. Oxy-Oil can help maintain the health and wellbeing of your skin by nourishing, toning, and rejuvenating it. Taken internally, Oxy-Oil helps the liver and colon.* 4 FL OZ.

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  • Grace
    I Love this Oxy-oil, it makes my skin feel so soft. *
  • Jennifer
    I took this product daily. It has little to no taste. I was worried about taking a spoonful of oil each day - but it’s easy to swallow down. My complexion is generally pretty clear with the occasional breakout, but It seemed to work to maintain my clear complexion. Would definitely recommended trying this. *
  • Valerie
    I love this oxy-oil. I use it during my regular monthly's to help ease my breast tenderness. It's so relaxing to my breasts, and it relieves the tenderness in them. A little goes a long way. I even rub my stomach with it when having cramps or felling bloat. It relieves the bloating & cramps. I keep a bottle or two available. *
  • Juanita
    It leave your skin feeling soft. I used it on my African American hair and it also felt soft. *
  • Courtney
    I LOVE this oil. I've noticed my skin has gotten so much softer. Right now I'm only using it on my face but it's like I have baby soft skin again!!!!!! *
  • Lory
    I am in love with this oil, I use it topically and internally. I normally use Kehils facial products, and have now started using this oil at night, along with the Age-Defying Oil during the day. I have noticed using the Oxy-Oil at night makes my pores less obvious and the bags under my eyes seem to have gone down. You do not need to use a lot of this product, two to three drops works great. Absorbs quickly without an oily feeling. I highly recommend using it. *
  • Jodi
    The Oxy Oil is an AMAZING PRODUCT. Suddenly I developed very bad eczema being my ears and my neck. My ears were split, bloody, itching, and painful. I stumbled on this product by accident. What a blessing. I used the oil once. I put so much on I didn't need any the second day. Third day. No bleeding, splits and Crack almost completely healed, all scaly skin gone. Now I use once a week to keep it away. I don't know what's in this but, after prescription meds and creams didn't work I was happy to find this. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Nett
    I have ordered the Oxy Oil in the past, however my most recent order was due to noticing my skin seemed much dryer this past winter. I purchased the Oxy Oil and immediately saw and felt the difference in my skin. I also used it on my scalp occasionally as my scalp also seemed a bit dryer this winter, which resulted in some flakiness. The Oxy Oil is a really good product and I also like the fact that it’s not greasy and pleasant smelling. Dherbs~ just simply the best in natural products! Nett *
  • Kyndra
    The Oxy-Oil is a good product and the gentleman on the phone was very patient and helpful. I broke out w/ bumps all over my face after using a well known facial cleansing bar. I went to the Dr. and she said that I had had a reaction and would call me in a prescription. I thought about it and decided against it because of not wanting any unknown chemicals absorbing into my skin. Anyhow I followed the directions for using the oxy-oil and it stopped the itching after the second day of use. I noticed the calming of the inflammation of the bumps after 24 hours. Everyday my face improves, it looks youthful and has a glow. My Husband told me how much of a difference he's noticed. Next my husband and I will try the 10 Days Electric Greens Combo Regimen... I'll keep you posted. *
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