Thyroid Aid
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Thyroid Aid

An herbal supplement that has iodine, which is helpful in cleansing and nourishing the thyroid gland and in boosting the metabolism.*

  • Contains botanicals that are source of iodine*
  • Helps your metabolism operate at optimal levels*
  • Helps maintain normal functionality of your thyroid gland*
  • Can enhance a weight-loss regimen that also includes a healthy diet and sufficient exercise*

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Thyroid Aid+Weight Release Formula
Thyroid Aid $22.95
Price for both: $43.90

Thyroid Aid is formulated with botanicals that are naturally high in iodine, a substance that’s considered to be beneficial in helping to keep the thyroid gland cleansed and nourished, which can help your metabolism operate at optimal levels.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

Children (under 12): Take 1 capsule daily.

  • Lasette
    Great product. I was diagnosed with having thyroid problems and I didn’t notice a difference from taking the medication prescribed to me. However, after taking the Dherbs’ Thyroid Aid, I noticed a big difference. I have more energy, motivation, and a more vibrant outlook on life. *
  • Carolene
    I ordered Thyroid Aid for my husband. He just started taking Thyroid Aid after being diagnosed at the end of December 2020 with Graves Disease / overactive thyroid. The condition has caused him to loose unintentional weight and experience irregular heartbeat. We decided to try the Thyroid Aid to help him replace the hormones his thyroid is failing to produce. So far, Thyroid Aid has been very beneficial; he is feeling much better. I will keep you posted on improvements and final rating after he has finished his first bottle of Thyroid Aid. Thanks D-Herbs for providing healthy alternatives to naturally improve our health. *
  • Neosha
    I love this product! I have seen an increase of energy since I started taking this. I get nervous when I get low because I am afraid I may run out. Great product. I am a Dherbs customer for life. *
  • Norma
    I started using Thyroid Aid and noticed a difference in 1 week! I have my energy back and it’s also helping me lose weight. *
  • Quitina
    Really helps with the thyroid. I stopped taking for awhile and really notice a difference but I'm back taking them. I order my third bottle along with the sea moss, and weight release. I cant wait to see how the result turn out... stay tune will return with another review once I get them and start taking them. *
  • Angela
    This thyroid aid is the best. It helps me release weight with the problem I had for years with hypothyroidism. I love it. *
  • Lydia
    I would highly recommend this Thyroid Aid. I had an issue with my thyroid being off a bit. My doctor prescribed me birth control pills. I was on that for about 8 months. Still no improvement. I decide to take the natural route. After one month of using this product, it corrected my thyroid. I will forever take natural products. No side effects at all. *
  • Valaria
    The Thyroid Aid works very well. It has cut my cravings for sweets and it also gives me energy. I referred my sister to Dherbs website to purchase the Thyroid Aid because she is currently on Thyroid medication. She states her numbers went down since she started taking Thyroid Aid. She is extremely pleased. Thank you Dherbs for another great product. *
  • Lacria
    I’ve been using this for 2 months. I noticed my energy levels increased; I’m not as sensitive to room temperature changes. I take it because my goiter causes my hormones to be imbalanced. I mainly like the fact that I get sea moss from this as well. Subscribed to monthly benefits as I want to continue to use this as a supplement. *
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You can add it to the cleanse by allowing 2 hours in between each formula.

Thyroid Aid
10 Day Full Body Cleanse Express

All of the ingredients used in the supplement has been known to help enhance the health of the Thyroid. There are no symptoms associated with taking the supplement besides helping the function of the gland.

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