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Reviews: Thyroid Aid

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  • Thyroid Aid

    Today is May 16, 2018 and I just want to TESTIFY that this Thyroid Aid has been a miracle in my life. I started the pills in November 2015-current date and noticed the difference in 2 weeks. I was one that worked out every day; ate healthy and was still sluggish and tired. My doctor saw cysts on my thyroid via an ultrasound. Today, and I say today....I will tell that my blood count today is at optimal level. I refused to take any medication for the past 2 years and continued taking the Thyroid AID and trusted God; last year ultrasounds improve, but today my blood test results have revealed everything in the GREEN! To God be the Glory. I am thankful to Steve Harvey for introducing the company, but I took upon myself to research what could help me. Thank you Mr. D-Herbs, may God bless you!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Thyroid Aid has helped me lose so much weight..I love it :-) *
  • Thyroid Aid

    This has brought my hormone levels to a balance. I don't feel sluggish like before. I will recommend this product to anyone and I continue to take them. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I've tried this product for 3 weeks now and I already see a huge difference in my energy levels. Im up moving much more and not feeling tired at all. I recommend any of Dherbs products. Thanks. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I've been taking this for a while and I feel great. The true test is when I take my blood test in this upcoming Saturday. I will post the results!!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The thyroid aid formula is working great ! Plus my hair has been growing. I'm going to try and buy more but it's expensive and it cost so much to ship I wish the shipping wasn't so much really. I write a review and you tell a person it isn't long enough who does that a person should be able to write as long as they want. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The Thyroid Aid is a "life saver"! A friend recommended that I try Thyroid Aid. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy that I did!!!! I have been using the product for over a year and all of my symptoms have either ended or are significantly reduced. I have no more fatigue, the profuse perspiration ended, my skin is no longer dry, and my joints are not weak and achy. Thanks Dherbs!!!!!!!!!!!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was having problems with my thyroid. The products seems to help. I am ordering another bottle. Thanks. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Thyroid Aid is one of my top favs. I've been on it for 5 months and my weight has stabilized, no more ups & downs. I feel more balanced. *
51 results

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