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No, you cannot consume coffee. The main purpose for the diet is to benefit from the foods and to give your body a break from the foods it’s accustom to receiving. When you don't give your body a break, you can't assess what your body really needs or how it responds to the things it's accustom to receiving. Cleansing can help eliminate toxins and waste from your system that may be contributing to the migraine issue. It's best to address the source of the issue versus consuming coffee to treat the symptoms.

You can consume sweet potatoes, but it still needs to be raw. Sweet potatoes have numerous benefits, when cooked it takes out the nutrients and enzymes that are beneficial; eating it in it’s most natural state is best. You cannot consume any other kind of potatoes.

If you need to adjust the intake the capsules to your person schedule, you can do so. We allot those specific times to allow your body time to absorb each formula by itself as they all detox a different organ. Most store brought milks, pre-made smoothies and juices contain preservatives and additives that help sustain its shelf life in addition to containing unnatural ingredients. It's important to know exactly what you're consuming while on the cleanse and in your regular diet. One of the main purposes of the diet is to give your body a break from everything that it's used to.

Unfortunately you cannot cleanse while breastfeeding. Because you're detoxing your body of toxins, you want to avoid exchanging bodily fluids with your child. We suggest that you try the Electric Greens Combo to naturally and safely cleanse your body.

Electric Greens Combo

You do have the option of emptying the contents of the capsules into freshly squeezed juices, smoothies or herbal teas. The cleanse is still okay to do as a person who has had their gallbladder removed, it helps replenish the health of your other organs.

80% of the herbs we use are organic, the other 20% of herbs used in our products does not come in organic form.

Exercising while on the cleanse is optional. You can exercise while doing the cleanse, but we suggest only engaging in light cardio instead of any intense workouts. Because you're on an adjusted diet that consists of mainly fruits and vegetables, you may burn through the foods faster as opposed to when you workout while consuming carbs or starchy foods. We do provide suggested exercises and detoxing regimens that further helps the cleansing process, these suggestions are included in the booklet of instructions.

There are no coconut or nut ingredients used in the Full Body Cleanse. If you're allergic to these foods it's best to just avoid consuming them. You do not have to consume nuts or coconut products, it's just one of the foods within the diet that you can eat. Taking antibiotics while on the cleanse is not recommended at all.

We can better assist you if you tell us what you're trying to achieve in cleansing or for your health in general. For most, the cleanse is usually the only thing you need to start with.

Unfortunately we are not aware of everyone's health issues or what their goal or interest is in with the use of our products. Some customers ask for our recommendations while others purchase the supplements that they think is best. All of our reviews are from real live customers. We do not have any control over who leaves the review. Not everyone is willing to share their personal situation. Everyone's body and goals in using herbal supplements are different.

Unfortunately you cannot cleanse while pregnant.

You can consume the tea any time, as often as you like. There's no specific time that's best to drink it. If we had to suggest a time it would be best in the mornings.

Full Body Cleanse Tea

No, you cannot consume slim fast shakes while on the cleanse. There are unnatural ingredients as well as ingredients that are outside the diet. The whole point of the diet is to benefit from live food.

The Athletic Package includes multiple formula's that help enhance your performance during workouts and athletic activities. It is not equivalent to a cleanse. It's best for you to start off with the Full Body Cleanse to eliminate the toxins and waste from your system. You can better assess what your body needs after you detox the body.

Athletic Package

Yes, sticking with a raw food diet does result in weight loss without the need for herbal supplements. The supplements in the Full Body Cleanse helps to speed up the process of weight loss in addition to the other benefits when cleansing. The herbal formula's help detox your major organs, providing nutrients to the body that help improve your overall health.

Unfortunately you cannot consume the Vega Sport Pre-workout while on the cleanse. Although it is plant based, there are other unnatural additives that should be avoided while cleansing. Raw foods that provide a natural source of energy include: banana, spinach, citrus fruits like grapefruits and oranges, apples, almonds and lemons.

The capsules are standard size one, relatively small. They are vegetable gel capsules, making them easy to swallow and digest.

You can consume seaweed salad only if there's no added ingredients that are not allowed while on the cleanse such as soy sauce, sugar. Be sure that it's fresh ingredients and including anything that was preserved.

You only have a few days left on the cleanse. Once you finish the cleanse you can start reintroducing your body back to regular foods gradually. Just be mindful that you don't want to throw away 20 days of cleansing. In the back of the book it explains how and what foods are okay to consume post cleanse. We suggest starting off slow with foods like brown rice, lean meats, and steamed vegetables. Be sure to monitor your body's reaction as certain foods that were eliminated from your diet can be rejected after cleansing. Taking the Activated Charcoal is an important part of detox. It does not cause nauseous, as it's a plant based substance that helps settle the stomach.

Activated Charcoal

Yes, you can split the cleanse into the use of two 10 day cleanses. You won't be getting the full affect of the cleanse, but you will still be able the benefits of cleansing in 10 days. The first 10 days of the 20 day cleanse is geared towards detoxing your body, the last 10 days help alkaline the body. It takes the body 20 days to perform a habit.

The Full Body Cleanse is beneficial in more ways than just weight loss. It's a detox program that cleanses all of your major organs, boosting your energy level and immune system. Your body has it's own intelligence. It won't allow you to loose necessary weight when you're already at the appropriate weight for your height and age. We recommend eating the foods in the diet that are high in fat such as avocados, almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans, pumpkin seeds and coconut products.

Yes, you can cleanse while on your menstrual.

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If you don't complete the cleanse, you won't see all of the results of detoxing. Weight gain after cleansing is directly related to the foods you're consuming. Whenever you change your diet you can expect a change in your weight.

You can have the protein shakes as long as they don't contain unnatural ingredients like whey or things that are outside the diet like dairy. Hemp seed protein, green pea protein and spirulina are the best types of protein to consume while on the cleanse. you can have any fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds of your choice including salad. Salad dressings need to be raw as well. You want to avoid store brought dressings, as they contain preservatives and additives that help sustain its shelf life. We have numerous raw food salad dressing recipes available on our site as well as the internet. One of the easier recipes consists of apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, crushed pepper, black pepper, oregano and parsley. It's similar to Italian Dressing. Shipping is 3-7 business days.

The cleanse does not keep you running to the bathroom, but you can expect an increase in how many times you use it due to how much water you’re consuming. You can expect bowel movements in the morning due to the colon formula being the last supplement taken at night. Otherwise, your bowel movements are related to what you eat over the course of the day.

You do have the option of emptying the contents of the capsules into freshly squeezed juices, smoothies or herbal teas. The intake of the capsules still needs to be spaced out every 2-3 hours, consuming the supplements separately. We suggest taking the Colon Formula orally as there is no real way to mask the taste of these herbs. The best way to swallow the capsules are to fill your mouth with water and enter the capsule. The capsules are vegetable gel capsules standard size. They are not coated like most pills are and are easy to swallow.

You can cleanse as often as you like. Weight can easily return depending on the types of foods you're consuming, how often you consume foods that are harsh on the digestive system and how your body personally responds. The best way to maintain the weight loss you achieve is by keeping a balanced diet. We recommend eating two raw meals a day and one of your choice.

Yes, you can drink fruit smoothies while on the cleanse. If you're incorporating protein into the diet, we suggest Hemp seed protein, green pea protein and spirulina. These are the only protein powders allowed on the cleanse. Whey and dairy are commonly in protein supplements, which is not within the diet.

It depends on what you're trying to achieve after cleansing. If you're looking to loose additional weight, you may want to do the Full Body Cleanse again or the Weight Release Cleanse. If you're looking to maintain your cleanse results we suggest trying the Maintenance Package or just maintaining a balanced diet. You can also try some of the individual supplements we have available.

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