Hair Skin Nails Tea
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Hair Skin Nails Tea

Herbal tea that helps to nourish and fortify the hair, skin, and nails.*

  • Natural source of biotin, calcium, silica, and zinc*
  • Helps to nourish, strengthen, and fortify hair, skin, and nails*
  • Helps to provide necessary nutrients for the building process of proteins in hair*

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Botanicals in this formula are natural sources of vital beauty elements, which nourish, strengthen, and fortify the hair; nourish and strengthen the nails; and help the resiliency, elasticity, and connective tissue of the skin.*

20 Tea Bags Per Container

Quick Note About Dherbs Teas:
These wonderful teas are unique and exclusive and only available from

Our teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical. Our teas are 100% pure natural herbs.*

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How To Use

Place tea bag into a cup and add boiled water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 2 minutes. Cool to suitable drinking temperature. Add sweetener of choice (e.g. 100% grade B maple syrup, agave nectar (from sap), or raw honey) and a little lemon juice if you desire. Drink and enjoy warm or cold.

How Long Until I See Results?
Great question. Results may vary from person to person as there are various external and internal factors that may influence each persons experience while using this product. Some of our customers may see immediate results, while others have achieved great results within 4-6 weeks. We would suggest that you continue to use the product for at least 30 to 45 days in order to assess the benefits from taking this supplement.

Get Optimum Results with Regular Use
We suggest that you take this product consistently, and as specified. This means that you should allow the herbs enough time to build up within your system, and thus become effective. Even after you feel better from using this supplement, you may find that it is beneficial to continuously take a smaller dose for ongoing maintenance and support. Many of our customers take the product regularly to ensure optimal health.

  • Shalonda
    I’m a big fan of the all the dherbs teas and this one does not disappoint! Hair feels stronger and skin more supple. *
  • Cheryl
    I would recommend this product. It does not taste the best but it gets the job done. *
  • Shelondria
    This is some great tea and it is potent as well when following the exact instructions. I find it extremely weird, yet a blessing to take a herbal concoction for one specific ailment or infirmity and it actually removes other issues you were aware of but I had gotten sort of use to. One of those issues I have had to address for years were fibroid(s). I had surgery, took Crystal Star herbs, did castor oil packs and you name it, I've been the placebo and the guinea pig. This tea made me bleed erratically the first time, where I would think my menstruation was over and I would be bleeding again on and off for a week. I knew my hormones were out of balance and my body was trying to adjust to whatever the tea was doing to it and it did. The strangest thing this tea did was cause the fluid buildup in my legs and feet to stop being retained. I notice when I would sit up on the computer for long periods after drinking the tea, my feet would no longer swell. The tea addressed more issues I'm sure, but Im noticing them along the way when Im not really paying attention. Well, this tea was balancing all areas out internally and that caused my estrogen to be balanced as well. The entire time I was experiencing sporadic blood loss the first time that I drunk the tea, it was actually my body trying to get back into sync and balance my hormones. This tea did just that. I was reluctant to drink the second time around when I felt my monthly cycle returning so I just waited to see how it would flow and it was a miracle. It was not as heavy and it was only 2 days instead of 4. I was not tired, lethargic and weak after it was over, since I did lose a lot of blood. Matter of fact, I kept telling the Lord, thank you because my energy level never changed. Usually, I am dragging, laying around and do nothing in fear of exerting to much energy and collapsing. Surprising, I was more energetic then than I had been before and I think its because of my excitement from not bleeding as much and the amount of days. I am so grateful because I actually had something important to do and I was not going to be accomplished if I was bleeding the way I am accustomed to bleeding. My blood loss is usually so heavy I see stars every time I get up just to go somewhere. This tea also flushed my system and cleared my face up and stopped me from being bloated. I drunk a full liter the first time and was running to the restroom every 5 minutes for a day so I believe the entire time I was sipping on it while it was hot and fell asleep, it was repairing my organs or nourishing them to propel balance and it did that because I did not have to drink it again because it worked the first time. I will drink it only if I need to because it actually does work synergistically with the body to bring balance and restoration. It will embrace malfunction from the bodies dysfunction, then cause it to function properly.Then the body works at its optimal level. This tea exceeded my expectations. I just started using Dherbs products while in quarantine and find myself still lingering around on the site trying to find something else to try. Dherbs are the #1 herbs! *
  • Valerie
    This product is one of the best made by Dherbs, and I've had quite a few of their products. I've been thoroughly pleased with how well it makes my skin glow, keeps my nails strengthened and long, along with the keeping the fullness of my hair. I love this product and will continue to keep it in my daily regimen. *
  • Keona
    I really love the tea product, I'm already seeing my nails strengthening. Definitely will be purchasing another batch soon. *
  • Brittany
    Absolutely seen a difference in my skin and nails first then I noticed how healthy my hair was looking and feeling. This is a must have! *
  • Kaorra
    I don't like tea but this flavor isn't as "strong" as the other teas I've taken from Dherbs. I had one eyebrow that was WAY thicker than the other and a thinning spot on my hairline edge. I bought this tea along with the hair herbs, sulfur herbs and my eyebrows are even in thickness AND my hair grew back on my edges! Would definitely take again in desperate cases! *
  • Britney
    I've been using this for 2 weeks now and my nails had gotten stronger and longer ???? no easy breakage or cracks so im pretty happy by those results. But didn't see much results for my hair or skin yet... so I will just have to wait and see. Will probably buy some more and give a better review after 3 months of use. *
  • Joan
    I started using this tea. My nails needed help. My manicure technician, told me I was lacking something. I saw the products on Steve Harvey and I decided to try the tea. My nails got better after 40 days. I stopped taking the tea, and my nails were back in bad shape. I now know this is a must. I have to have it. No doubt about it. Very good product and taste good. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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