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Reviews: The Female Cleanse

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  • The Female Cleanse

    Love the female cleanse, its a great cleanse to help women feel better. I noticed a difference right away and i began to feel better. Will order again. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    On 8/8/2011 I completed the Dherbs Total Woman Cleanse, I want to let everyone know that this cleanse does far more than what is written. My entire body looks and feels utterly breathtaking!! I have clarity like never before, my skin is like a beautiful crystal vase, it's flawless. The sexual goddess in me makes music like I have never had before. During the 21 days of the cleanse, I didn't experience anything but 100% positivity, and satisfaction. Please keep in mind I did the Full Body Detox prior to this cleanse and I don't consume any meat or dairy products, I also exercise 3-4 times per week and take baths at least 4 times per week. One more added bonus is that I'm able to meditate and hold on to my thoughts much better. I'm currently doing the Electric Green Cell Food Cleanse to rebuild my body with everything it needs. Many Blessing JuliAna~ *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I performed the total woman cleanse a couple of years ago and experienced great results. I have decided to make it an annual cleanse and I highly recommend it. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    My sister has just finished the Total Woman Cleanse. She is very happy with the results-her waist is changing, and the stubborn fat in this area is melting now. She has been fighting with it for many years and now her dream have came true.This is an amazing product! Thank you, Dherbs!!!! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    This Total Woman Cleanse has worked for me with great wonders, it made me lose a few pounds which I was happy with and I feel so much better, I really can't explain the great change it did for me. This cleanse will help you feel and think better. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I had a series of abnormal pap smears until I took The Female Cleanse. Since the The Female Cleanse, I have had all normal pap smears. This product is great! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I really love the Total Woman Cleanse. It relieved the yeast infections that I've had for years. I got tired of buying those creams. This product is a Godsend. Thank you, Dherbs. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    This Total Woman Cleanse regimen is truly a wonderful product. My breast are now so firm, full and soft. I didn't even realize how lumpy my breast were before. The issue I had with vaginal dryness is now gone. My cycle is much easier to deal with. I tell every woman I know about this product. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I absolutely loved this product. I was having a lot of issues with irregular periods and very dark blood. I have seen my cycles more regular, blood brighter red, skin clearer...(hope not tmi). the first couple days was difficult as I was going through the detox phase, but I stuck with it. By week 2, I felt much better, had more energy, mental clarity and noticed my stomach getting flatter. I am going to do it again. And I did lose 12lbs. *
67 results

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