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Reviews: Vegan Greens Powder Mix

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  • Vegan Greens Powder Mix

    The Vegan Green Powder Mix is excellent. The taste is not bad even when I drink it with water. I do prefer drinking it with fruit juices and almost one hour later, it cleanse the toxin out of my system. I purchased this powder for the toxin cleanse and to fight off free radicals and I can say the cleanse is working. The feeling I get is a calm, relaxed and energy to do anything. *
  • Vegan Greens Powder Mix

    I don't have the headaches I used to have so frequently, and I regularly go to the bathroom. Now that may sound gross, but I don't care. The powder, to me, does not taste bad at all. Feeling cleaner, clearer, and headache free is absolutely wonferful. Again dherbs, thank you so much. I'll be back very soon. *
  • Vegan Greens Powder Mix

    Product is great. It gives me a boost of energy and substitutes for my morning coffee when mixed with my fresh squeezed juice. *
  • Vegan Greens Powder Mix

    I really enjoy the mix as added greens in my smoothies especially when I ran out of fresh spinach or kale. *
4 results

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Vegan Greens Powder Mix 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.
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