ParaWrm Tea - Parasite Detox Tea (Parasite Herbal Tea, Parasite Cleanse Tea, Natural Intestinal Parasite Worm Tea, Dherbs)
ParaWrm Tea
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ParaWrm Tea

Herbal tea intended to help make your body an inhospitable environment for unwelcome intruders.*

  • Helps make your body an inhospitable environment for unwelcome intruders*
  • Helps soothe intestinal and digestive tract*

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Overview ParaWrm Tea contains herbs intended to help make your body an inhospitable environment for unwelcome intruders.*

* Do not drink while pregnant or lactating.

Quick Note About Dherbs Teas:

These wonderful teas are unique and exclusive and only available from Our teas are very therapeutic, nourishing, strengthening, potent, safe and sane, effective and economical. Our teas are 100% pure natural herbs.*

20 Tea Bags Per Container

Model: 5429 • Shipping Weight: 0.15625lbs


How To Use

Place tea bag into a cup and add boiled water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 2 minutes. Cool to suitable drinking temperature. Add sweetener of choice (e.g. 100% grade B maple syrup, agave nectar (from sap), or raw honey) and a little lemon juice if you desire. Drink and enjoy warm or cold.

  • Caleb
    I've literally been drinking this tea along with many other DHerb teas for years! I love it so much. Just a heads up this tea may be difficult to get down because of the taste but its mind over matter. Once you set in your mind that you will do whatever it takes to get healthy you'll begin to enjoy the flavor. It definitely will help you remove and flush! *
  • Rhonda
    I wasn't too sure this would work because I am not much of a meat eater. However, it was good. No stomach pain or cramping. After the second cup, there were little hairlike strings floating on the outside of my stool. Nothing else afterwards. I had one cup in the AM for 2 weeks. The taste is bitter, but tolerable. I added honey only. I love DHERBS. There products exceeded my expectations to be honest. *
  • Kim
    I find that if I drink the Parasite Tea on an empty stomach, I have better bowel movements. I also noticed a considerable decrease in my sugar cravings after drinking it. So if I feel strong, incontrollable urges for sweets, I'll boil up some! I would highly recommend it! The only thing I haven't tried is drinking it for 20 days straight. I just drink it for as long as I need to get my bowels moving or to kill the sweet cravings. *
  • Kiwi
    The taste was horrible, I added ginger to it and it was better. It didn't work as good as I thought it would. I am vegan and was hoping to get rid of a few pounds. *
  • Cassandra
    This is not the best tasting tea but I feel that it works. It works to keep my digestive tract clean and working properly. *
  • Brittany
    The only reason this doesn't have 5 stars is the taste is so strong that I have a hard time drinking it. I do add honey to help with that. It definitely does what it says, and I keep it in my cabinet and use it anytime I feel like I need it. I will always re order because none of Dherbs products have failed me! *
  • Stefan
    The tea seemed to really clean me out. It also seemed like it was releasing built up impurities. *
  • Camilla
    I like it I drink it with no chaser. It has a bitter bad taste but it smells good. I like to protect my body from harms way. *
  • Charlene
    I have not seen any parasites which I am not looking for but I’m on my second batch and can feel a difference. *
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Dogs cannot consume the tea. We do offer a Parasite & Worm formula for pets.

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