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Reviews: ParaWrm Tea

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  • ParaWrm Tea

    I have been drinking this tea for about 3 weeks now. One cup in the morning and one at night. And I really feel that this tea is working for my body. I feel more alert and focused now. I will be placing another order for this tea soon. Thank you, Dherbs. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    Omg, it took me awhile to finish the ParaWrm Tea because the taste was so strong; however, it does what it say it is intended to do. I used a lot of agave to turn down the strong taste. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    This is the best product I have ever tried. I didn't know that I have parasites and when I take this product, I can't believe what's come out inside of me. Now my bowel movements are better. I sleep better now. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    ParaWrm Tea is amazing!! I drank a cup of tea first thing in the morning and a cup before I went to bed. After drinking my 5th cup, when I eliminated I saw LOTS of tiny worms in my stool. Yes worms. The tea has a very strong taste which I drank without adding any sweeteners. I burp more and my stomach don't feel as bloated.. I HIGHLY recommend ParaWrm Tea it is amazing. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    I took this tea along with 7 drops of Oil of Oregano and Diatomaceous Earth every morning on an empty stomach, and waited 2-3 hours after to eat. The results were amazing! I saw worms coming out into the toilet with my stool in massive quantities. Will purchase again soon, as I feel I'm not totally out of the woods yet. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    I purchase this and love the results. I have recommended this tea to friends. *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    Good Stuff, it works. It's not a harsh laxative. VERY BITTER TASTE but it does exactly what it's supposed to do. My constant bloating and hard tummy is gone. I'm looking forward to a healthier 2018. Several of your products have me on the right track so far. Dherbs, you have won me over again. Thanks! *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    Love the tea, definitely see the result. It does what it says it will! The taste is bitter but you get use to it if you continue to drink it! *
  • ParaWrm Tea

    My experience with Parawrm Tea is highly positive! I had tried several different cleanses before buying Parawrm Tea, but without any significant result. So I did not expect much from Parawrm Tea, BUT I was mistaken! This is the first tea cleanse that had ever made a difference. After a couple of weeks I started noticing positive changes in my mind and body. My mind became more clear and the body more clean. I am definitely going to continue my positive experience with DHerbs!!!! *
28 results

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ParaWrm Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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