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  • $100 Gift Certificate

    Omg!!! Tears are flowing because of happiness thank you so much for coming out with this product.... I'm so happy this is the best product i have ever used and it truly works. I've lost 44 pounds in 3 Months thank you DHERBS. *
  • $100 Gift Certificate

    I was on the full body cleanse and I lost a lot of weight .... I was on it for 20 days n lost 30 pounds thanks Dherbs *
  • $100 Gift Certificate

    My husband and I started the cleanse one week today. I am surprised at the amout of weight we have lost in such a short amout of time, Me 7, him 11 and we stii have 2 weeks to go feeling really good. *
  • $100 Gift Certificate

    My experience with the Full Body Cleanse was positive. I lost maybe 8 lbs. Overall I loved the idea that was cleaning my whole body and my mind. There were intense days that eating raw was intense...the morning I dropped my morning smoothie with no time to make a new one before work. I made it though with apples and a banana. I recommend the cleanse to a younger person hopefully with their delicate system it will work well for them. Thanks! *
  • $100 Gift Certificate

    I purchased the 10 day full body cleanse and absolutely felt better after following the plan. I was a little hesitant about my first time order but the service was excellent and Brenda was awesome in answering my questions about the product. She also shared her experiences on the 10 day cleanse. Also, I had a product that I received and was not happy with it, the return was easy with no hassle. Since then, I have ordered more products and the site is so resourceful for promoting a healthier lifestyle and helping those who want to transform their lives to live better from the inside out! Thanks, Dherbs! I wanted to post a review on your site, because I am not on FaceBook. *
5 results

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