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Reviews: 10 Day Blood Cleanse

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  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    I was experiencing white spots on my face around the cheeks and the upper nose area. The spots seem to be in a progressive state. My doctor prescribed a steroid cream, which I refuse. Searching the web for natural remedies I came upon DHERBS. I read an article informing me that any skin condition, good or bad, is related to the condition of the blood (Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder). I first ordered the Blood & Lymphatic tea and the Blood & Lymphatic Formula. After taking the formula and drinking the teas daily, I notice the white spots did not fade but ceased in spreading. I then order the 10 DAY SUPREME BLOOD CLEANSE. My family and I notice the white spots are now fading and my skin color is changing to its original tone. I thank God for DHERBS. I am thankful that DHERBS understands the natural healing of herbs and have created formulas and teas and other natural remedies of healing and making it available to people who are searching for GOD's treasures of healing in the earth. I will continue to purchase this item for my semi-annual cleanings. Thanks DHERBS. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    This 10 day cleanse is one of the most powerful and effective cleanses for the blood. The healing process started from the first day, very intense. I highly recommend it for detoxifying the blood in the least amount of time. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    I recently did your 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse after experiencing a severe rash on my face for over 9 months. The rash was so severe at times that my skin would bleed. I was very pleased with the results after completing the 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse. As a follow up, I also used the blood and lymphatic formula for an additional 30 day. The rash is gone and I feel more confident about my appearance. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    The 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse is just what the Holy Spirit ordered. The rash, redness and dryness on my face has cleared up! Truly life is in the Blood. Dherbs, thank you for this product to aid in purifying my blood system of toxic waste. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    I've been struggling with skin issues for a while now and have tried everything to solve the problem. I also was having issue with circulation. I have used a lot of you products in the past so I decided to try the 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse. During the cleanse, I noticed that my skin began looking so much brighter than usual. I am very please with the results of this 10 Day Cleanse. My skin looks great and it is glowing now!!:). I also have noticed the problem with my circulation no longer exist, thanks to this 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse. THANKS:))!! *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    This cleanse is fantastic!!! While on the cleanse I could feel the new blood pull out toxins in my lower back and legs. I was a bit tired for the first three days but after that I felt great! My skin cleared up as well. I knew I need to cleanse my body & blood. Thank good for DHerbs. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    10 DAY SUPREME BLOOD CLEANSE is great for pulling out toxins, restoring healthy blood, and clearing skin problems. Used after the Full-Body Detox. *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    You can really feel this 10 DAY SUPREME BLOOD CLEANSE pull out the toxins and clean the blood. The blood cleanser is another great product! *
  • 10 Day Blood Cleanse

    I love this cleanse!! I suspected I had toxic blood because I took the abortion pill a yr before and my body has not been the same since. I also made MAJOR changes in my diet (inorganic meat eater to organic vegan). Anyway, after the cleanse I noticed I have clearer skin, fantastic energy, and my wisdom tooth started growing in!!! I would do this cleanse again in a heart beat!! But def will do it again in 3 months!! I will be buying your products for as long as they are sold!!! Thanks a bunch! *
39 results

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