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  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    The 10 day supreme kidney cleanse helped me urinate more freely and along with the diet regimen, helped lower my blood pressure. Highly recommended. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    Just completed the Supreme Kidney Cleanse. My eye are no longer swollen. Bubbles(acid)no longer appear in toilet bowl. Eliminated (post urine drip) incontinence. Next 10 Day Heart cleanse. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I finished my 10 DAY SUPREME KIDNEY CLEANSE several weeks ago, and it was great! It wasn't as harsh on my system as I thought it would be, but it was definately potent. The Kidney cleanser tea is also very effective. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    I didn't notice much but I did notice that my back stoped hurting. May need to cleanse one more time to get more benefit. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    Just finished this cleanse (10 DAY SUPREME KIDNEY CLEANSE) last week and felt it was a long time overdue. The tea, for me, really was complimentary. Also did wonders for my urine flow. Really appreciated it, sure my kidneys would second that emotion. *
  • 10 Day Kidney Cleanse

    The tea actually was the most beneficial and caused me to urinate more freely. The pills cause my to go the restroom more. I would recommend this product if someone is having any problems with their kidneys. *
15 results

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