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Reviews: Activated Charcoal

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Activated Charcoal

by Amanda
I use Dherbs Activated Charcoal when I want to whiten my teeth and cleanse my body. It makes my teeth much more whiter than any of the whitening strips or professional teeth whitening which are both very unhealthy anyway. I can feel this product cleanse my body as well and puts my mind at ease after I have eaten something not so healthy. Great product! *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by JeReivien
The Activated Charcoal tasted good, no bitter or off-putting aftertaste. Most importantly, helps my digestion without making me constipated or cramp. I LOVE the clean, mineral flavor and often take an extra scoop dry but I will drink 16-20 ozs. afterwards. I started with the Full Body Cleanse and have reordered. It also gives me sustained natural energy and makes my smile brighter. *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Charles
I purchased the Activated Charcoal for my family and close friends back in July 2014. It's been a few months and the response has been unbelievable, from feeling like I went to the dentist to get a teeth cleaning, to see that my teeth are getting whiter. Great product. I will continue to buy Activated Charcoal. *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Pearl
Dherbs Activated Charcoal is pure and natural and is good for removing toxin in the body. I just want to take it one step further and make a suggestion. I would also like to see this charcoal in the capsule form. Thanks *
4 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Alcia
I order the Activated Charcoal after using it in the Full Body Cleanse as a maintenance, after I start to eat regular food. Great product also use it for brushing my teeth. Thanks DHerbs. *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Joko
A friend refer me to this site, and showed me the activated charcoal. I ordered it instantly because no one had to tell me about it's originality. It is what I used to cleaned my teeth with growing up in Nigeria, from which I NEVER need a dentist until I got to this country (USA). I hope everyone knows about this particular product. Above all, thank you for bringing back natural and healthier way of living life to the fullest. *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Chemeka
The Activated Charcoal is great and I would recommend this to all my friends and family...God is so great for using you all as vessels to get his earth cleansed and rid of all the negative that it has given to his people...I'm blessed and wouldn't have it any other way! *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

This literally deflates your body. I love it. Gets rid of all the toxins without any side effect. Good for continual use after full body cleanse. *
5 / 5

Activated Charcoal

by Colleen
I have been using the Activated Charcoal both when brushing my teeth and as a dietary supplement (to aid with cleansing) and I am very please with both! My teeth are visibly whiter, and my detox cleanse is going extremely well! This is awesome! *
5 / 5
Activated Charcoal 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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