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Reviews: B-Vitamin Complex

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  • B-Vitamin Complex

    For a while, my naturopath had me on vitamin b injections. I would always get sick after receiving them. I was looking for a more natural form so of course I looked to DHerbs and was not disappointed. I absolutely agree that the only form of vitamins we put in our body should be those the body can digest. I know these are getting into my body. Not only do I feel better, but there is no evidence of them in the toilet! That can only mean they've been 100% absorbed. Thank you Dherbs for another great product! *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    I have been taking b vitamin complex for about a month now and I definitely have noticed increased energy. Before taking b vitamin complex, it would take me forever to get out of bed in the morning. Since taking it, I jump right up and out of bed when that annoying alarm clock goes off... love it! *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    Good product for mood improvement. Has all essential B vitamins. I tried this product and was very please by the effects it had on me. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for the effects of B Vitamins. I would definitely purchase this product again. I've also had relatives try this product and they were also pleased with the effects it had on them. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    At first I didn't know if it was the Brain Booster giving me energy and clear thinking or the combination of that and the B complex. Then I would just take the B complex by itself. I needed to see what it was. Turns out it was the B complex that was giving me the energy and the mental clarity. I was quicker in my thinking and my responding. Especially when I talk to my customers about banking, I have to be on my toes with my answers I give to them and it really gave me that. Getting ready to order more now. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    Incredible Formula best B-Vitamin complex on the market to me. I've tried plenty of companies and if you need powerful focus and tremedous energy..this is for you. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    I stopped eating meat about a month ago. I use to feel sluggish, however since I started taking B-Vitamin Complex I no longer feel sluggish and have more energy and need less sleep. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    The B-vitamin complex was another dherb product I used and I really was amazed at the way my skin looked. I'm not sure if it was because of the product or other dherb products but I noticed it once I started taking this product. I will recommend this to everyone. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    B-Vitamin Complex is a great alternative to the Vitamins that are not natural that are sold in most stores. My body responds to this formula very well and I feel the benefits in my overall health. *
  • B-Vitamin Complex

    I have to state that B-Vitamin Complex is a very powerful herbal formula. Upon taking this formula I instantaneously felt the power of this herbal combination. Thank you for your herbal wisdom and Creator Bless. *
11 results

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