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Reviews: Bunny Rabbit

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  • Bunny Rabbit

    Wow! It's a miracle! I am post menopausal with vaginal dryness. After using Bunny Rabbit the first time, it was like pure pleasure and my river flowed freely. My friend who recommended Bunny Rabbit was right, it works naturally. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    This has to be at least my third or fourth bottle of Bunny Rabbit and it has not failed me yet. The results are almost immediate so there is no real waiting period. Try it you, he, and or she will be glad you did. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    OMG!!! The Bunny Rabbit is AMAZING! Ordering my 2nd bottle. This product does not make you feel like a horny goat, but you feel a natural arousal...the aftermath is amazing. I did notice a black pepper aftertaste, but it's nothing that is bothersome. I am a 42yr old female and I highly recommend this product. Thanks DHerbs! *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    The Bunny Rabbit is AMAZING! I am at the menopause stage and wanted to take a natural supplement that would help with dryness, lose of libido and improve circulation. Well, Dherbs Bunny Rabbit did just that. I got my groove back! I would recommend this product to any woman. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    As we age we find that our bodies go through some changes; as a woman in my 40s I have learned that vaginal dryness during intercourse is a problem. While using external lubricants alleviates the problem it is a temporary fix. Bunny Rabbit has assisted me GREATLY in this area! This supplement has addressed my vaginal dryness and enhanced my libido despite that my libido did not need any enhancing! Bunny Rabbit does esactly what it says it does and I will be using it for a long long time! *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    This product is absolutely amazing. It meet my expectations my husband and I are happy. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    This is an amazing product, it works fast, and I rarely want to be without it. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    I was very pleased with this product. I feel like I'm 21 again. Thanks Dherbs!!!! I would definitely recommend this product. *
  • Bunny Rabbit

    All I will say is giant smile!!!!! I love the bunny bunny bunny rabbit.I was having a little issue off and on for about a year. I had tried the full body cleanse in the past plus other products. Decided to see what Dherbs would have on "performance" stuff and came across the Bunny Rabbit and I must say I am really impressed. Thanks *
29 results

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Bunny Rabbit 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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