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Reviews: Central Nervous System

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  • Central Nervous System

    My mother was diagnosed with severe nervous system disorder. She would experience so much pain performing the normal tasks such as walking, sleeping, etc. I had purchased the Central Nervous System Formula for her, and she is doing incredibly well! She no longer has to use her oxygen tank as she sleeps. She has more energy and not in as much pain. I will continue to be a faithful customer! *
  • Central Nervous System

    My mother has been through hell and back enduring several botched up back surgeries, and several strokes while in the hospital and rehab facilities. Since I got her out of those hell holes and back home, Dherbs's products have worked miracles for her. One of those miracle formulas has been the "Central Nervous System Formula". That combined with "Cerebral Vascular Formula" formerly known as "Stroke Buster" has been a godsend for her. I will continue to order them as my mother has been out of these hell holes for more than 4 years now and I might add, stroke free ever since. Thank you very much Dherbs. God bless! *
  • Central Nervous System

    The Central Nervous System has helped tremendously with my nerves. I used to have hiccups everyday but I noticed after using this they don't occur as often. I will continue to purchase. *
  • Central Nervous System

    This is great for anxiety! This formula is the best! *
  • Central Nervous System

    This product gives me a feeling of normality. It calms my Central nervous System naturally and cleanses it at the same time. I've been taking these herbs along with the Nerve Formula that have been a life savior for myself and my daughter. These two herbs combined is great for people with Anxiety. If you suffer with Excessive Worry, Sleep problems, Irrational Fears, Muscle Tension, Chronic Indigestion, Stage Fright, self - consciousness, Panic, Flashbacks, Perfectionism, Compulsive Behaviors and self - doubt. *
  • Central Nervous System

    I have been using this product for months. So far so good, it keeps me calm and helps out with stress. I don't really realize how great it is until I run out...great product!! *
  • Central Nervous System

    My husband likes the central nervous system supplement. Alone with his medication for high blood pressure - we can see that his numbers are coming down but not staying down. It is a roller coaster situation. But we know alone with the right diet he is an overcomer. Thanks DHerbs for great herbs. *
7 results

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Central Nervous System 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
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