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  • Club Dherbs

    I heard SEVERAL times on the radio about the full body cleanse, however, I also had heard several other advertisements about other cleanse, Not paying much attention to either commercial. Later, my husband came home and asked about the commercial on the Steve Harvey show, that he heard how it was good for people with Diabetic, High Blood Pressure and other Illness. So with him being diagnosed with Diabetes and we were very tied of the medicines and most of all the side effects it was causing. So we ordered the Full Body Cleanse and one each and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. IT IS TRUE THAT ONCE YOU HAVE CLEANSED YOU WILL NOT WEIGHT THE SAME AGAIN. I WILL STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT. *
  • Club Dherbs

    I just order 4 full body cleanses! The 4th one was really free! I love how easy being a member is. I'm cleansing a lot so it makes it easier on my pockets. It wasn't hard getting it. All I had to do was call my order in. The customer service people are friendly and knowledgeable. I have rewards points that coincide with your membership. 10%off ain't to bad. Having my membership was super helpful and yearly doesn't sound too bad. Join! *
2 results

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