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Reviews: Female Breast Formula

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  • Female Breast Formula

    This Formula is a GOD-SEND..literally ;) DHERBS selection of a variety of all natural herbs from around the globe, combined into their formulas is genius! Most manufacters will stick with one location & lack variety in their herbal compounds, but Dherbs understands the importance of variety in healing, as we hue-mans are made of a multitude of living essentials, vita-mins, minerals, and various compounds of life found in various herbs & plants throughout the world. This formula is profound ESPECIALLY when accompanied by the female breast oil, and a nutritous (at least 60-75 % veggie & fruit) diet. My review on the oil read that I had 2 children back to back & at age 24 my breast resembled those of a 45 yr old middle aged tissue stretched & stressed woman. This formula is making profound changes, more than with the use of the oil alone, and with continued use, Im sure to reap the benefits stated by Dehrbs. Thank Dherbs. for you wonderful products, I will ALWAYS be back for more. With love & respect, fellow holistic health practitioner..Angela *
  • Female Breast Formula

    I've used the Female breast formula and the breast oil, I can honestly say they both are great products, the formula makes your breast fuller and firmer and the best thing about this it is way cheaper and healthier then buying fake enhancement. The oil has such a wonderful fragrance to it. I love me some D-Herbs. *
  • Female Breast Formula

    After losing some weight I noticed that I lost some all around including my breast size. Implants weren't an option so after a ton of google searches I found Dherbs Breast Formula. Within the first week I could feel the firmness return and perkiness take place. Three bottles later I'm filling out my bra's again, feeling like 16 all over again. *
  • Female Breast Formula

    I am in my mid-forty's and my breast were quickly losing their perkiness. I also recently lost over 40lbs from removing carbs from my diet, and my breast were not as full and taut as before the weight loss; but after taking the female breast formula for about 2 weeks, I noticed that my breast were "bouncing back"(PUN INTENDED). After a month they are as perky, and tight, and toned as ever. I only wish, I had used this product when I was younger; but better late than never. Thank You Dherbs! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    The female breast formula really works well. I have been taking it for almost month and I see a difference in the fullness of my breast. They appear to be more fuller and my bra appears to be filling out more. The appearance of my breast seem to change as well. I would surely order this product again. *
  • Female Breast Formula

    After using this formula for just a couple of weeks I noticed the difference in how my breast felt and looked. They were softer, fluffy and smooth. My husband immediately noticed the increase in breast size. He continues to encourage me to purchase this product on a regular basis. My best friend also asked what I've been doing when she came in town. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years and she was very impressed! *
  • Female Breast Formula

    Product was well worth it for my breast. They feel better an look great. Highly recommend. *
  • Female Breast Formula

    This is an excellent product! I truly believe these herbs plus lifestyle changes have kept me issue free in those years. Use this for prevention as well as maintenance ladies. Thank you Dherbs for your quality product :-) *
  • Female Breast Formula

    Who knew that taking 3 little pills a day would have such amazing results. I just finished my 2nd bottle of the Female Breast Formula and I must say that for a woman in my 50's... I’m pleased.. My breast are perky and fuller I can’t stop touching them. Thank Dherbs!! *
25 results

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