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Reviews: Female Breast Oil

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  • Female Breast Oil

    I've been using Female Breast Oil for about three or four months. At first I only used it when my breasts were sore, but now I use it weekly. This product has rejuvenated my breasts. They and my body feel really wonderful when I apply the oil. It even seems spiritual somehow. So now, instead of waiting for a time when my breast are sore, I use it several times a week and somehow, I can feel that my breasts are responding harmoniously with the oil and my touch. I guess I've made use of this oil into a spiritual communion with my body and my self. I highly recommend it to sisters to recall the breasts themselves how special they are. Peace, R. Jennings *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I apply this oil to my breasts at least twice daily (after a shower in the morning and after a shower at night). I especially love the light scent of fennel in this oil. In the short time that I have been using this oil, I have noticed a change in the response in my breasts. They are a little perkier and my nipples do not invert. I also use this oil at night (after a shower)on my stretch marks. I exfoliate with a soft bristled body brush and some exfoliating scrub, rinse, pat the area dry, and then immediately apply the oil to my skin. This oil has many uses and requires patience and continued use. This product will always be my favorite. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    This is one of the best oils for my breast. In today’s world it’s hard to find organic bras or ones without wires. My breast used to hurt whenever I would take my bra off, even though it was not tight. After using this continuously I noticed my breast no longer ache. This oil is best at anytime, especially if you work out! Thank you so much DHERBS! *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I have had issues with my breast all my life and have been to the doctor numerous times as a result of so much discomfort. I am a frequent customer at DHERBS so I browsed their products and stumbled across their female breast oil. I sat and read every review and was eager to take the test to see if I could feel a difference of this product. I usually get my products from Dherbs fast but this came the very next day which made me extremely happy. I did not hesitate to open that box. The first 2 days I put it on in the morning and at night with the 3rd day and forward just using it once daily. I am now amazed at how I feel. I don't have anymore achy and itchy breast. My breast feel great, my skin is clearing up, the smell of this oil is intoxicating, I have been sleeping better. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    This product started working well, but unfortunately I ran out before I order another bottle. My skin looks great and there are not stretch marks around the areas. Thank you DHerbs for this wonderful product. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I love this product- use it everyday. Not only does it smell good but it also makes you feel good too. I feel a difference after 4-5 applications. I use it after taking a shower when my pores are open but most importantly apply it serves as a reminder to perform daily self breast exam as well. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I tried this product with the Female Breast Formula also and I agree that the scent of the oil is very calming and lovely. However, it has not yet shown the desired results I was hoping for: the firmness of breast tissue and the appearance of a fuller breast. In fact, it appears that my breasts have gotten much softer and, dare I say, smaller. But, to be fair, I am also currently on a cleansing diet, so that probably has a great deal to do with the shrinking breasts. I intend to keep using the oil, though, just for the scent. I'm also hoping that the supplements and oil will work once I am once again eating a regular diet. I still recommend this oil. The scent alone is worth it! *
  • Female Breast Oil

    The breast oil made my breast extremely soft,but it does seems that my breast has gotten smaller. *
17 results

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