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Reviews: Full Body Cleanse

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  • Full Body Cleanse

    All I have is good stuff to say about the Full Body Cleanse. I felt more energized and focused than I can remember feeling in a long time. By the end of the day, I would get exceptionally tired, but since about day 4 on these products, the extreme fatigue has vanished - YAY. the only this is that I did not lose as much weight as I would have liked, but I was told from the outset that the weight training i was doing may hinder my progress. I'll take the inches that I lose anyway. I do want to lose more weight so I think I'm going to do the weight loss regimen and look forward to more amazing results. Thanks Dherbs.com for your counsel during the process! you guys are the best. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    My aunt told me about this Full Body Cleanse. The results have been phenomenal. On blood pressure medicine, my numbers were just ok. After being on the cleanse now for 15 days, yesterday my numbers were 107/72. I will continue to eat raw because I cannot believe how much better I feel. This cleanse is unbelievable. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The Full BOdy Cleanse does exactly what it says. I finished my 20 days this past Friday, and have lost a total of 12 lbs. I am tempting to order the Weight Release Cleanse for another 10-15 lbs. I would strongly recommend the Full Body Cleanse if you have been struggling with eating habits, weight gain, and others obstacles that have been in your weight. My stomach shrunk while on this cleanse, I was lighter, and most important I felt great everyday. My question now is, can I move directly into the Weight Release Cleanse or is there a time frame I should wait to start another cleanse. I am also afraid of gaining the weight back, so I will continue to drink smoothies and eat raw vegetables; however, I will eventually get tired and want something else. Please provide a link for afterwards. Thanks. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Loved this Full Body Cleanse! Following the directions is the key to success with this product. I felt renewed inside and out. I had more energy. And slept well. I lost 12 lbs. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I lost weight. Feel lighter, it wasn't easy eating the fruits and raw Vegas but I through it. I had a lot of blood work done before starting the detox and it wasn't good. I go back to the Dr. On the 18th praying all is well wish me luck. I also use the carbon charcoal for my teeth and it works good as a whitener. Thanks again for the full body cleanse. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The Full Body Cleanse is AMAZING!!!!!! I have order the 20 day cleanse twice I was 187 now I am 172 I am waiting to weigh in again, I am on my second 20 day cleanse, also I wasn't tired,jittery or hungry. I never thought I would be able to swallow as many pills as I did but after he first few times swallowing the pills were a breeze. Another thing I noticed that my allergies aren't as bad as before due to the cleanse. Three of my relatives have purchased and have lost 18-lbs. EACH!!!!!! and are tremendously satisfied. I have mastered the raw fruits,vegetable and nuts to a science after my third 20 day cleanse I will continue to include raw fruit, vegetable and nuts in my EVERY day regimen!!!!!!I can't wait to (weight-in) after the use of my SECOND 20 day cleanse so I can purchase my THIRD 20 day cleanse THANKS DHERBS YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 150-LBS here I come!!!!!!!!! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I love the Full Body Cleanse because it says what it does...it cleanses your full body, you feel it, you look it, everyone else sees it. I lose weight, have more energy, skin glows and does not take long to see the results. It is the only product on the market for me. Thanks DHERBS! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Being a type-2 diabetic for 18-years on prescribed medications suggested for me to take now for the rest of my life, I've been on a journey for a cure to my diseased infested body. Searching for the answers to the why and how my body got so toxin (poisoned). I'm so grateful for talk radio, media information, and word of mouth. Make a long story short; I became open to the suggestions Steve Harvey presented on his morning radio show about the DHerbs "Full Body Cleanse"...ridding my body of the years of wrong eating, drinking, and etc. Educating myself with information to empower me with knowledge and results of being an example of the product with the success I had; I'm looking to continue the journey with even more application... The DHerbs "Full Body Cleanse" allowed my body to reset itself to a feeling of normal that I haven't felt in a mighty long time, I was able to reduce toxin and fat from my body; I lost weight, my stomach shrunk to where my underlying 6-pack resurfaced, I was more alert, more agile, energized, focused, and not sluggish or fatigue. Since my initial successful DHerbs "Full Body Cleanse"; due to that lack of knowledge I became toxin again, medical providers wanted to prescribe me now insulin due to high blood sugar and A1C levels. As a Professional Truck Driver; Insulin could retire my career. I pleaded with my Doctor for a grace period to get my health back in order with the readjusting of prescribed medications (diabetic pills), and a major change in my diet. I've been successful just by revisiting the information I acquired from the DHerbs "Full Body Cleanse" literature that came with my first initial cleanse... Within a week I have my blood sugar at acceptable healthy levels: but I need to cleanse again; detox my body, loose the excess weight, reset my body back to normal and get off these prescribed drugs. I believe with all that's been stated and what I know to be true: to revisit the DHerbs "Full Body Cleanse"; and the initial success it bought me, personally; I'll have the key to that Abundance of Life again! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Outstanding! I completed DHerbs Full Body Cleanse on 5/5 and lost a total of 15lbs. More energy, my skin and hair have never looked this good.. healthy and glowing!!! I did a complete 180 on how I thought about food and the importance of some things in my life (I am a recovering Carb Addict). I would have lost more IF I would have incorporated exercise into my diet plan, but going for round two mid-May and will definitely do so then. Thank you DHerbs. Folks, this is the TRUTH but you have to stay committed to the Plan. Its hard; most things that are worth anything do not come easy! Stay focused... *
2379 results

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