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  • Full Body Cleanse

    The Full Body Cleanse is really good. When I first heard about it on the Steve Harvey radio show I thought they were exaggerating about this product 20 day full body cleanse Dherbs. Then I said to myself what do I have to lose. Then I said to myself the weight and all that toxins inside my body. so I bought the 20 day Dherbs full body cleanse. I used it along with exercising and I lost; let me see I weighed 245 pounds before I started this product. after the 20 day full body cleanse I weighed 206 pounds.i lost 39 pounds. thank you Dherbs. god bless you all. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Love... Love this full body cleanse. This is a great product. I've try it three time, and will be doing it again this year. I understand how to eat better, and I love fruits and veggies. Thanks to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry for promoting this full body cleanse. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I tried Dherbs after attending the Steve Harvey Neighborhood awards in Las Vegas. I experienced weight loss and energy that was pure and natural. I love and recommend this product to anyone that has been trying products with NO results. This is THE ONE!! Thank you Steve Harvey for bringing it to the forefront and thank you DHerbs for making such and amazing product *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I did the full body cleanse recently. I love this product. It was great. I recommend it totally. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    My wife and I decided to do the full body cleanse about a month ago. I was a bit skeptical at first when I saw all the pills and the food restrictions but let me say it was worth every bit of our time. There were times when we thought we would not be able to stay the course because we have three children and had to cook the things they liked, but in the end we prevail and the result was marvelous. The first thing that we noticed was that we lost weight, between us both we lost about 30 pounds. Our bodies shaped up and our clothes fit us better but the most amazing thing was the way we felt. We had a lot more energy and felt like a million dollars. I will not say what happen in the bedroom but you can guess. I highly recommend this product. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    This has been a liberating experience, everything Dherbs mentioned about the Full Body Cleanse actually work. At first I was very leery about taking all the pills. But after a couple of days it came naturally, I start to see a different in my weight, OMG my skin was amazing, I would recommend this product to all my family and friends. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The full body cleanse was Great! It gave me a boost of energy for the whole day. After the first week I noticed a change in my clothes by the end of the 21 days I lost 30lbs. Even my doctor was amazed by my results. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to cleanses their body and feel great. Thank you DHerbs! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I'm on day 7th of the Full Body Cleanse and I'm feeling great. I've lost 13 pounds already and I'm not even half way done. I do find it a little difficult to stay on the diet when I have to cook my family dinner and they eat whatever they want but I havent gave in yet and plan not to through the whole 20 days. So far I am very pleased with the results and happy to see the weight coming off but I'm not sure if it's water and waist weight or actual body fat. I dont want it to come back after the 20 days! So far so good I would definitely recommend the product. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I did the Full Body Cleanse and it was not hard at all. I lost 15 pounds and I feel great. I want to tell everyone about this. It was not hard to stay away from meat. *
2620 results

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