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Reviews: Hunger Control

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  • Hunger Control

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I HAD AN ISSUE OF ONCE I STARTED TO EAT SOMETHING I COULD NOT STOP like any a whole pack of Little Debbies or cookies like for real ya'll I had issues. Any who I went from four cookies + to one cookie to really not needing a cookie! ALSO HAD A AN ISSUE MY SUGAR WOULD GET LOW AND I WOULD SHAKE WHEN I GOT HUNGRY. WELL AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT THE PROPER WAY "WITH WATER" please do not use with any other source than water you'll see better results using water. I no longer have the I'm starving feeling and get the shakes when I'm hungry. Every time I would get home immediately from church or work I would have to dove into junk food to hold me over until dinner was ready. Well I no longer do that do to using this product I can wait till dinner. It states to take three times a day I saw results using two times a day. Thanks D-Herbs I would say anyone diabetic might want to check this product out or D-Herbs should do some research for diabetics because it certainly got my sugars under control where I don't get the shaky feeling any more when hungry. *
  • Hunger Control

    The product(healthy Appetite), It works!!!! I told my friends about the different products I have tried from 'DHERBS'. The experience is truely a healing one... that is saying alot from someone who dislike taking pills of any kind!!! But the experience I have with your products have been a life changing one!!! Thanks DHERBS... *
  • Hunger Control

    Hunger Control helps you to control your eating. It has cut my appetite. I didn't have any side effects. There's not any nervousness or "let down" as if you were taking diet pills. This item works!! *
  • Hunger Control

    This product is the truth. It works it works it works. I have used everthing under gods land from phen-phen to nutri plex and both pricey options...........but this product best 20 bucks I ever spent. *
  • Hunger Control

    I had been taking doctor prescribed phentermine about a month. I suffered from sleeplessness, a rapid heartbeat and an overall feeling of anxiousness. One week on the Healthy Appetite formula and I feel great. I'm not hungry and all of the side effects from the phentermine are gone. I believe that this formula will help me control my appetite so that I can establish a healthy diet naturally. *
  • Hunger Control

    I have been using this product now for 3 months. And with a healthy eating diet and exercise I am down almost 20 pounds. I love this product because unlike many other products I have tried this does not make you feel jittery or as if you are starving yourself. I eat when I'm supposed to eat and I don't over it. I would recommend this product to any one who has struggled in the past like me with many different diet pills that leave you feeling as if you are starving your body. I will continue to use this product until I get to my desired weight loss goal. *
  • Hunger Control

    I use Healthy Appetite to curb my appetite during that time of the month (menstrual cycle) and it works great! *
  • Hunger Control

    Hunger Control really works! I noticed that all of my normal late night snacking ended and I am super happy about that. *
  • Hunger Control

    Hunger control is the best pseudo appetite suppressant I have ever had. This product levels out my out of control cravings and somehow turns off the I'm hungry thought. Great product!! *
14 results

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