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Reviews: Immune Formula

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  • Immune Formula

    I have been using this product for a few weeks and it has helped me tremendously!!! I love these products! *
  • Immune Formula

    I'm currently taking the Immune Formula now for a few weeks. I just move to Houston and developed allergies. This formula is helping me fight getting sick.... Will continue using this products. So far it's working, and I love taking Dherbs products. I like to try theirs first. Thanks for the great products you make. *
  • Immune Formula

    I feel a distinct difference since I have been taking the immune formula. My body feels as if it is starting to fight. So my hopes are high. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support is an excellent product. It has all the essential herbs in one capsule. It really has helped me out. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support is a great product, you can definitely feel it working during these winter months. *
  • Immune Formula

    I purchased Immune Formula and have not suffered from my regular sinus issues with this plus Mucus Formula...PERFECT PAIR!!!! Thanks Once Again DHERBS. Greater is the he that is in you!!!!! *
  • Immune Formula

    This stuff works. Most people I know are getting sick and I was in contact with them and I have not gotten sick or felt any symptoms of being sick. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support helps me when I feel a little under the weather due to my workplace surroundings. It's a combination formula just right! It immediately works for me and I can stay healthy :) *
  • Immune Formula

    I began to use the Immune Formula and I have not had one cold this flu season! *
14 results

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Immune Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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