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Reviews: Immune Formula

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  • Immune Formula

    I have been using this product for a few weeks and it has helped my allergies tremendously!!! I love these products! *
  • Immune Formula

    I'm currently taking the Immune Formula now for a few weeks. I just move to Houston and developed allergies. This formula is helping me fight getting sick.... Will continue using this products. So far it's working, and I love taking Dherbs products. I like to try theirs first. Thanks for the great products you make. *
  • Immune Formula

    I feel a distinct difference since I have been taking the immune formula my body feels as if it is starting to fight and I have cancerous tumors in my stomach area, my liver, spleen, pancreas left lung and other areas are affected. So my hopes are high for progress in my fight against, this cancer. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support is an excellent product. It has all the essential herbs in one capsule. It really has helped me out. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support is a great product, you can definitely feel it working during these winter months. *
  • Immune Formula

    I purchased Immune Support and have not suffered from my regular sinus infections with this plus Mucus Buster...PERFECT PAIR!!!! Thanks Once Again DHERBS. Greater is the he that is in you!!!!! *
  • Immune Formula

    This stuff works. Most people I know are getting sick with stomach virus and I was in contact with them and I have not gotten sick or felt any symptoms of being sick. *
  • Immune Formula

    The Immune Support helps me when I feel a little under the weather due to my workplace surroundings. It's a combination formula just right! It immediately works for me and I can stay healthy :) *
  • Immune Formula

    I began to use the Immune Support as an alternative to the flu vaccination and I have not had one cold this flu season! *
14 results

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Immune Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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