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  • Love Spray

    Hi Everyone, I have been using the Love Spray for months now, I love it. I also use it along when detoxing (Full Body Detox). I focus on myself, my health, and love. Love, that's what I'm all about right now; the affirmation makes you take time out to remind yourself and acknowledge that you are loved and deserve to be loved. I'm very much interested in crystal therapy and this spray has rose quartz which is a very good crystal in regards to love and all things good :) Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Love Spray

    I bought the Love Spray about three months ago, and to tell the truthful I was little doubt about it is going to make me feel pleasant and calm person when I am around other people ; however, it change my away around of others, this Love Spray can give anyone a peace and harmony of Love. The smell unique or a thing without a like; the crystals fragrance can put anyone calmness and peacefulness. I recommend this Love Spray to anyone is looking for peace and love, and I am ready to make another order. NAMASTE ! *
  • Love Spray

    I enjoy the fragrance and the serene sexual mood that it put mind into. *
  • Love Spray

    I used it one time and within a couple of weeks I had 5 men from my past hat I had not heard from in months contact me. Hummm interesting from no phone calls to five. One of them had flown to Hawaii to surprise me without telling me. But I didn't go see him because he was ex for a reason. *
  • Love Spray

    I see result after using this product. I have share this information with family members. Excellent product. *
  • Love Spray

    This spray smells amazing. It has such a light floral scent. I just didn't get any love in these streets...but I smelled like a spring flower! I did notice that strangers tended to have really random conversations with me??? Well, I guess I did get some light love from the love spray! Thank you Dherbs. I absolutely love every product I have purchased and your fast shipping time. *
6 results

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