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Reviews: Maintenance Package

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  • Maintenance Package

    Absolutely loved it. I think it keeps you on course. Kept me pushing towards my health goals. *
  • Maintenance Package

    Love the way I feel using the maintenance package. Going to continue using between full cleanses. Would highly recommend. *
  • Maintenance Package

    I can't believe it I am still losing weight. I am happy my doctor is so happy. *
  • Maintenance Package

    Amazing product! It helps you stay on track while maintaining the weight previously lost. In my case I actually lost a few more pounds with the maintenance package. I also love the fact that it's all natural and restores your body to optimal health. The recipes provide a variety of choices to satisfy any cravings you might have while completing the cleanse. I completed both the full body and the maintenance package and my overall health improved dramatically. My blood pressure decreased and my energy level increased. I've never felt better! *
  • Maintenance Package

    The products were easy on my stomach and didn't cause bloating or stomach pain like some products I have used in the past. The elimination they caused were very natural. I love the maintenance package! *
  • Maintenance Package

    This is a great package to keep the weight loss maintained! *
  • Maintenance Package

    I sometimes eat what I want and it still continues to help me stay in the range of weight that I've previously lost. I get off track more than I plan to sometimes. *
  • Maintenance Package

    After doing the Full Body Cleanse, I went straight to the Maintenance Package where it kept me on my journey 10 more days....I had 'GRRRREAT' success with this product as well...It aided me to continue my focus on eating clean and healthy....My insides has had a full overhaul....I am no longer on high blood pressure medicine which I really didn't take anyways...but my blood pressure is now 120/80 vs 150/90.....it had been this high for 5+ years...I'm very excited about the new me and I thank DHerbs for helping me through the Full Body Cleanse and Maintenance Package to begin a healthier me... *
  • Maintenance Package

    Works like a charm, and I feel fabulous! This is such a great product! *
68 results

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Maintenance Package 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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