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Reviews: Male Hormonal Formula

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  • Male Hormonal Formula

    My male member naturally increased in size, width, and stiffness with the Male Hormonal Formula! Enough said! *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    Since taking the Male Hormonal Formula, I resurrect as the sun rises, and am ready to recreate myself. Thanks again DHerbs for showing me the door to healing myself with natures herbs. *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    This works wonders in replenishing the nutrients lost during the process. I'm not as tired anymore either. I will be re-ordering this product soon. This product is a keeper. *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    I love this product, it is the best item I have purchased on this site! *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    the Male Hormonal works great,especially when u use it with the Jack Rabbit,it does just what it says. *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    My husband loves the formula! It gives him more energy! Will order more. Thank you! *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    What do I think? Omg! This product (Male Hormonal Formula) most definitely works, My boyfriend has been using it regularly for a week, and last night he was so excited by the results he jumped up and took four capsules. Needless to say I will keep a steady supply of this wonderful product. Thank you again Dherbs, and keep up the good work. Ladies, pick this product up for your loved ones, it works! *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    After using the Male Hormonal Formula in conjunction with the Anti V Regimen, a liquid multivitamin, a more alkaline diet, and prayer, I noticed that the hair on the top of my head has started to grow back in quite noticeably, to the point that I no longer have to get a hair cut every week to keep the bald spot from being so noticeable. This is the first time in ten years that I have had a dark growth of hair on the top of my head. My next step is to see if my front hair line will begin to fill back in. I've been having it cut back to compensate for it receding. I now need to stop having it cut back to see if it will grow back in. Thank God and thank you Dherbs. *
  • Male Hormonal Formula

    This product is 100% effective. I have a body type that allows me to quickly metabolize anything that I consume. I have only had this product (Male Hormonal Formula) for less than a week and my "male area" is showing significant and promising results. *
21 results

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