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Reviews: MSM Sulfur

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  • MSM Sulfur

    Hello, I brought this product about a week ago, because I was having a great deal of muscle aches.Since I have been taking this product, not only my muscle aches stop,but my hair grew, and my nails. I will continue to use dherbs products, so far they do what they are supposed to do. What a small price to pay for better health. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I am pleased to report that it was beneficial in strengthening my hair. My stylist commented on the change within just weeks after I started taking it. Once I complete my next Full Body Detox, I know I will achieve even better results due to increased absorption. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I love this product! It does wonders for the skin. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I really like the MSM Sulfur. It helped my skin clear and helped with my hair shedding. I plan to re order every month now. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    Love MSM Sulfur! I take this daily! Love the extra benefits that I get from taking this (clear skin and hair growth). I hope Mr. Dolphin does not stop selling this supplement. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    This product works well I was having pain in my knees/joints after taking sulfur I'm feeling better and able to bend knees without any pain. *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I bought this product because I am having joint pain at the base of my left thumb. I tried taking other products from the drug store before I found out about this supplement, and did not get any relief. But within hours of taking the MSM Sulfur I noticed my pain was subsiding and flexibility was returning to the joint. I highly recommend this for someone who is experiencing onset of arthritis symptoms like mine, or someone who just wants to reduce inflammation. I am so glad I tried this! *
  • MSM Sulfur

    I am so glad I purchased this product. This is the ONLY thing that has helped with my (flaky, dry, itchy skin). Has also made my nails grow tremendously!!! *
  • MSM Sulfur

    This product was excellent for hair, nails and skin. *
50 results

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