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Reviews: Mucus Formula

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  • Mucus Formula

    I have been battling multiple sclerosis for 18 years and I read an article from Dherbs about how they recommend the Mucus Buster Formula along with the Acid Buster for multiple sclerosis. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks and my eyesight has dramatically improved along with my energy. I am so grateful and thankful. I look forward to using more products! *
  • Mucus Formula

    The "MUCUS BUSTER" is a wonderful product as well as every other product on this site. I have never been this healthy till I started using DHERBS. This product alone will clear up any fluid that you are experiencing within the ears, nose, throat and even your chest. Don't think twice about purchasing it, it's worth every penny! *
  • Mucus Formula

    I've been having some backed up mucus for a while now.. and ever since taking this formula it's all been coming out. I can breathe better,sleep better, and just feel better overall. Great Product. *
  • Mucus Formula

    This formula (Mucus Buster Formula) is absolutely amazing. I purchased this mainly for my mate and it has really reduced his headaches and congestion. Thank you so much! *
  • Mucus Formula

    I've always had a real bad problem with seasonal allergies and sinuses and having to take something for it, so I figured this would be the product for me. I was really impressed by it. After consistently taking it, it still worked even if I forgot to take it. Definitely recommend for others with sinuses. *
  • Mucus Formula

    This product does what it says. Once I started taking it I was less congested in the morning and my dry scalp is getting better. I will be buying more Mucus Buster Formula. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I tried the Mucus Buster formula after getting an e-mail from my son about your "Multiple Sclerosis" Article. Since taking Mucus Buster I’ve noticed changes. Years of eating meats and dairy are getting coughed up and out, I’m feeling better and coming back for more supplements. Mucus Buster works wonders by its self (and even better with the Acid Buster). Thank you Dherbs *
  • Mucus Formula

    This product does exactly what it says but who am I kidding its Mother naature after all. This REALLY busts some mucus out ya system, I been using it post FBD to expel mucus out ya body. Recommended to anyone. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 15. I was addicted to black and milds for a long time, now I'm 23 and still smoking but on my way to quitting. Even though I’m smoking still, the Mucus Buster Formula has allowed me to take deep breaths and be able to release all the air out of my lungs. I haven't been able to do that for years. *
43 results

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