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  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    The Nerve-Calming tea was okay. It taste refreshing and it helped me to relax before bed time. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    As a person who took prescribed tranquilizers in the past, from time to time I suffer from anxiety and restlessness. This is often due to being overworked and just plain 'busy'. I ordered the Nerve-calming tea because I didn't want to take ANY meds and began feeling much more relaxed after a few days and allowed time to enjoy the tea while doing absolutely nothing else. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    I saw this item hoping to find something that would help relieve some stress after a long days work. After reading about it I decided to purchase it. The nerve tea helps to calm down the tired body after that long work day.This product is a good choice for anyone who is stressed out who wants something natural without all the chemicals that are found in products from drug stores. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    Although the taste of this NERVES tea does take some getting used to, a few squirts of agave nectar and problem solved. As for nerves tea, it helps me to wind down after a long tiring day and I sometimes drink a cup in the morning to help me to relax. Nerves tea also works well when I mix with the Headaches tea too. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    The Nerves tea is an okay tea. I did notice that my nerves were calmer though. I did get a slight head ache. *
23 results

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