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Reviews: No Alcohol Formula

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  • No Alcohol Formula

    This product is wonderful. After taking it for several days, I decided to have a drink and my body rejected it. My only disappointment was that it was an expensive beer (poison). *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    Taking the No Alcohol Formula twice a day really helped vs. once a day. In about four days, it made me feel good mentally by shifting my urge. *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    I decided not to drink wine for a month, and during that time, I took the formula. One of my most difficult times is when I am cooking - I drink wine, sometimes a whole bottle. I did not feel any different but it was easy for me not to drink it. Thank you. *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    I've been a heavy drinker for over 20 years. I've wanted to quit but never had that extra assistance. Now, I wanted to quit again and tried this product along with the The Male Cleanse. I stopped drinking in three days. No withdrawals. I still have 80% of the bottle left. I'm going to use it to help strengthen my liver. This product works. If you have a desire to stop drinking for good, try this product at that time. Very smooth transition. *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    Great Product! I've been using No Alcohol Formula for several years. As a social drinker of wine, we know that alcohol consumption is not good for our bodies. I get a full body exam once a year from my physician. Results have come back with all of my vitals in normal ranges for my age of 60. Kidneys. liver etc show no signs of concern. I highly recommend No Alcohol Formula for those of us who choose to consume alcohol. *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    This product worked very well for me. I highly recommend!! *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    No Alcohol is a first for me (being a believer in Dherbs). I decided to give it a try. It kept my desires at bay, along with a sense of fulfillment. This is another one for my medicine cabinet. Thanks *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    Seems to be helpful. Will keep using it. It agrees with me. *
  • No Alcohol Formula

    The No Alcohol Formula is a great product. It took about three days to work. This formula assisted me with cravings. I could not even finish a glass and now at times when we go out to dinner, I will have a glass of water with lemon. Thank you DHERBS! for this and most of your formulas that I have tried works! *
9 results

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No Alcohol Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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