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  • Pancreas Aid

    I purchased the Pancreas Auxiliary Formula for my grandmother who was diagnosed with diabetes more than 15yrs ago. She told me her sugar levels have been in normal range since the 5th day she has been taking the capsules. She is very impressed and plans on purchasing more. *
  • Pancreas Aid

    I was diagnosed as high risk for diabetes 2 so I ordered the Pancreas Aid to help my sugar. I love it, I don't get sick anymore and I can sometimes cheat with dessert every once in a while. I will be ordering more. I have been telling other people about this product so they don't have to rely on insulin..thank you for making this product! *
  • Pancreas Aid

    I have been taking the Pancreas Auxilary for about three months now on and off. I must say it is working well. I have decreased my insulin usage. That is a great accomplishment. I know if I continue to use this product as I am suppose to, it will only get better. *
  • Pancreas Aid

    This product (Pancreas Auxiliary Formula) is good to help reduce blood sugar :) *
  • Pancreas Aid

    Pancreas aid helps with my glucose levels. Great product. *
  • Pancreas Aid

    I'm pre-diabetic and the pancreas aid helps to keep my levels stable. I like it because it's all natural compare to the metformin which bothers my stomach. *
  • Pancreas Aid

    Ordered for a neighbor and the results are noticeable and good. Neighbor is diabetic. Thanks DHerbs and may God continue to bless your efforts. A forever customer *
7 results

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