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  • Pill Box

    This is super convenient to carry the herbal formulas with you throughout the day. Very useful and practical. It's discreet and allows you to stay on track as complete your cleanse while going about your day. *
  • Pill Box

    I believe that the pill box is a must have for any cleanse that you're going to do. It makes it more convenient to take your pills. Instead of carrying around 5 different bottles. Then trying to get the amount out of each one that you need at that moment. I'm a firm believer that if you pre-set your pills then it will be less intimidating. *
  • Pill Box

    The pill box is the perfect size for the cleanse and I really liked the emblem on the box. Very nice touch :) *
  • Pill Box

    The pill box is so convenient. I can carry all of my pills with me at once. Also, I have ordered like 12 pill boxes. I fill all 12 at once and I am already prepared for almost 2 weeks *
  • Pill Box

    This container was very useful. May order more of this product. *
  • Pill Box

    Pill box is definitely convenient, especially for the cleanses. I am able to carry the daily allotment of supplements on-the-go. *
  • Pill Box

    I thought I was getting a pill box like the one in the picture which looks like a tin box. But it still served it’s purpose. *
7 results

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