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Reviews: Success Affirmation Candle

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  • Success Affirmation Candle

    The Success Affirmation Candle is a great candle I burn it at my prayer table and it has a great smell. And it is working along with the Lord Jesus Christ!!!! *
  • Success Affirmation Candle

    I rank the Success Affirmation Candle a four. The candle is a wonderful tool for enlightenment and building confidence to move to the next level-with no fear and a lot of confidence. I really like the aroma of the candle, it smells so good like a soft smell of wonder. I am still waiting to the complete success of the goal that I am desiring, and I will know that answer in a few weeks. I will be getting another candle in the very near future to help me with my meditation to reach my destination of what I am aspiring. Thank You. *
  • Success Affirmation Candle

    I liked the scent. *
3 results

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